Danganronpa 3 – Do Bears Actually Eat Honey?

Winnie the Pooh, yeah, but all I hear are stories of bears eating salmon and lost boy scouts.


Monobear brings the students to the trial. Kyoko notices that there are 16 stalls with two stalls occupied by portraits of Sayaka and Junko.

The debate starts with the murder weapon: A kitchen knife. Aoi recalls Sayak visiting the kitchen early that morning and she must’ve stole the knife at that point.

Next there’s the destroyed doorknob which implies that whoever killed Sayak really thought he entered Sayaka’s room.

Naegi also pointed out that Sayaka would have been too shaken at that point to open the door for anybody.

Kyoko then shows Naegi a note by Sayaka inviting someone to her room.

Adding to the fact that Sayaka switched their nameplates around, she really intended to invite someone over, most likely to kill them.

But whoever she was after probably got the better of her and killed her on the spot.

The final clue is in Sayaka’s dying note.

Which, as I’ve said before, not to brag or anything, reads Leon when turned upside down.

The final evidence against him was the burnt shirt and the glass ball.

He probably needed to throw the ball at the button to open the incinerator. This would only have worked with Leon’s Super Duper Baseball skills.

Of course, Leon freaks out and tries to deny everything, then tries to plead innocence under the action of self defense.

Monokuma shows that Leon did in fact murder Sayaka.

Len gets hit with a million baseballs as punishment.

Later, Kyoko talks to Naegi to try to comfort him by telling him that even if Sayaka had killing intent, she tried to save everyone from her mistake by leaving them the dying message.


Pretty mixed feelings for this episode. On one hand, I liked the presentation and I think it did a good job capturing that sense of suspense and pressure. The scene with Leon’s execution was also stylishly horrifying. In a weird way, it makes me wish more people would die so we can get more scenes like those. Also, I love how Monobear just challenges everyone’s morality. It’s true, Leon killed somebody, but he was about to be killed himself. Jeez, this is like the Zimmerman trial all over again…except without the racism allegations. There was one big glaring flaw to this episode which makes it merit its “mixed feelings” rating. There’s Leon’s mannerisms which made this case a total give-away. He was sweating and stuttering the whole time without saying much to misdirect his classmates. Waaay too obvious. Then again, this is only basically level one so it should serve to ease the viewer into the role of detective. Still, these things become less and less impressive the more predictable they are. Another thing that sort of bugs me without really being a flaw is Kyoko. My problem with her is that she doesn’t actually act like anything’s bothering her, that the thought that she might give the wrong answer and die doesn’t have any weight on her. While everyone else was wearing some worried expressions on their faces. Kyoko remained the same. When so much of the time is spent focusing on a character who doesn’t react to a dire situation, it becomes hard to react to that dire situation as well. I mean, if Phoenix Wright was always calm and never shouted “OBJECTION” or sweated bullets looking for a rebuttal, the Phoenix Wright games wouldn’t be half as exciting. That’s right. Kyoko is anti-excitement.

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