Pixiv Initiativ Week 4: Banpai Akira

It’s time to get creepy in this week’s Pixiv Initiativ!

Right-o! Before I forget, here’s the link to the artist’s Pixiv profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=27452

So for the past few week’s since I’ve started this segment, I picked artists with styles that incorporated really bright an cheery colors. So just to mix things up, I’m gonna feature the creepy-cute works of Banpai Akira.

Banpai Akira is actually a pun on “Vampire Killer”.

Oh yeah. Just like Ryuuzaki Ichi who I featured last week, Banpai Akira does a lot of Touhou work too!

Look at that Sakuya! Look at that sexy bishounen face!

I love the heavy shading and the pale skin and the hair! That lovely hair!

Again, more gothic and fantasy themes with this. I might pick up an artist with a more realistic style. FASHION!

I think some of these works are cute (>_>) Kinda reminds me of Ai Enma from Hellgirl.

Again, check out the Facebook page for updates.

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