Gatchaman Crowds 2 – Token Gay Friend

You know the stereotype. Flambuoyant, cheery and occasionally wise. OD fits right in.


Hajime uses her scissor-themed powers to pin down the MESS.

For some reason though, she lets it free before Sugane’s attack could finish it.

The next day, Sugane shows Hajime to her new apartment.

Also, she’ll be living with Sugane and Paiman.

The news on the TV reports about a lady who commit suicide. Hajime and Sugane ponder on what might push a person to do such a thing.

Hajime shows Sugane the social app called GALAX while drilling holes in her room.

Hajime brings Sugane to a collage making activity with people who met over GALAX.

She also introduces him to the fire department chief and the mayor who also met her over GALAX.

When Hajime returns to the Cage, she learns that both OD and Paiman also use GALAX.

Hajime gets into another argument with Sugane about how one-track minded he is.

Suddenly, everyone gets summoned by JJ.

Hajime does the unthinkable and takes a seat right next to JJ.

Hajime and Sugane are once agains sent out to deal with a MESS.

Hajime pins down Sugane with decorative tape and pursues the MESS by herself.

Hajime gently taps the MESS with her scissors.

To Sugane’s surprise, the MESS releases everything it absorbed and it becomes tame beside Hajime.

Meanwhile, in some other side of town, a drunkard it roaming the streets.

That girly man from before forcibly kisses him and takes his form.

He causes an scene by pushing several people down a flight of stairs.

Some bystanders call for help. One man uses GALAX to find the nearest user with a medical license.

That cute girl from a while ago? It was a trap!


Again, another episode that leaves me a bit dissatisfied but let’s start with the good parts though. For one thing, the music in this anime is fabulous! Seriously. It’s got a unique soundtrack that oozes with style and variety. This episode also did a little bit of exploring on one of the key concepts of the anime which is the GALAX. We saw a bit of it from the first episode and it becomes something recurring here. No doubt, it’s probably going to play a bigger role in the future (if the last scenes were anything to go by). Also, this episode gave a little sneak peak on the daily lives of Jou and Utsu-tsu. Not really important, but it answers the question of what they’re doing all day when not fighting the MESS. I wonder what OD does though…Anyway, this episode also showed that Hajime isn’t a complete airhead. She’s an airhead who can make friends. As evident by all the people who she met in GALAX who enjoy her company. I guess this shows that she’s also a good person in a way that’s quite different from Sugane. That action, again, was on the level of showing promise without actually living up to anything. The two scenes with the Gatchaman were both short and really, not a lot happened. Well, it’s not like you can really do a lot with a bunch of tentacle cubes for enemies. I do hope they actually fight something that’s actually threatening. The last few scenes did hint at other antagonistic forces in the form of that girly man and that trap. There’s actually a lot of mysterious things in this show and they’re presented almost instantly. We don’t know who the hell JJ really is. We don’t know why the other G-Team members don’t do anything. We don’t know anything about the MESS or where they came from and we don’t know what girly mass is but we know that these things exist because we’re given a taste of them right from the start.  That’s pretty gutsy storytelling. I’d like to believe that it’s the writers confident in their skills but when they made a main character such as Hajime…There’s always going to be a bit of doubt looming.

Blatant shameless plug of the Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 2 – Token Gay Friend

  1. agr0n

    This show reminds me allot of Tiger and Bunny and OD acts the same as the pink haired black guy from that show :p I was under the impression that the red-haired person was actually a girl, but we haven’t gotten a good look at him/her yet; if he/she is a dude then he will probalby act similarly to Grell from Black Butler.

  2. Supana

    Though the scene on the train hinted that the story would later move toward the fact that Hajime is more important than she seems. I find it unlikely that they’ll dig deeper into it until they hit the 2nd season (judging from the handful of characters in the OP).


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