Uchouten Kazoku 2 – Fabulous Mom


I just wish I could enter a bar like that in real life.


Satomi tucks Akadama in and listens to him ramble in his sleep.

It turns out to be Yasaburo in disguise.

Yasaburo accompanies his mom, known as the Prince in their town, to a bar to play pool.

Mom warns Yasaburo to be careful around Satomi.

Meanwhile, Yashiro is being bullied by the Ebisugawa brothers who he works for for training.

Yasaburo visits his brother Yajiro who is a frog in the bottom of a wishing well.

The two have a lengthy conversation about their family.

The skies turn grey. Yajiro tells Yasaburo to pick up mom before the Thunder God Thor Raijin arrives.

On the way back to the bar, Yasaburo catches Yashiro being bullied by the Ebisugawa bros and as a big bro should, he comes to defend him.

Yaichiro appears in the form of a tiger and easily disposes of the Ebisugawas.

The three brothers go to the bar but find that their mother has already left.

Yaichiro starts panicking while trying to direct his brothers on looking for their mom.

Their search ends up by the bridge where Yasaburo spots a familiar light.

Their mom comes out from the shadows safe and sound.

Yasaburo tries to thank Kaisei, who saved his mom, but she won’t let him near her.

Show ends with the family reminiscing on the sad days after their father died.


Good episode…under certain conditions, I guess? It really depends on your interest in this show. If you were never really saw any promise from the first episode, this one will just bore you to death. However! If you’re like me and  you saw some potential for a well-told story, then this episode just might satisfy you. This episode was dialogue heavy. Really dialogue heavy. As in, if you couldn’t handle the weight of the dialogue, I’d be mockingly asking you if you even lift (bro). But! And I mean a big ***** (Not a lot of booty this season. Unlike Haruka from Senran Kagura and Matabei from Hyakka Ryouran >_>)-sized butt, If you like dialogue, then you’re going to enjoy all the lifting. This episode fleshed out the relationships between characters even more. While the first episode put the spotlight on Akadama and Satomi, or a Tanuki’s relationship with the people of the other races, this episode focused on Yasaburo’s relationship with his family as well as his fellow Tanuki. Again, I like how they didn’t blatantly introduce the characters with lame flash frames or anything. They just appeared and it’s really through the dialogue that you get to judge their character. Such skillful writing is lacking in most anime these days. Anyway, I love love love love looooove all the focus on the theme of “family”. These days, most anime aim to appeal young, teenage boys by appealing to their interest in romance, sex and violence. Usually at the age of adolescence, family takes a step back in a boy’s priorities so he can explore his own character. Me? I’m kind of coming out of that phase and after spending years looking into myself, my eyes have grown tired and they want to see the world and the people around them instead. This is why this show had my interest I guess. Now, two of the most important dialogue here were the interaction between Yajiro and Yasaburo and Yasaburo’s mom recalling the tragic days after her husband and their father’s death. That last scene really hit home in the emotions department and I really felt what the writing wanted me to feel. The past scenes show how this family struggles to get by and that ending really just caps everything off perfectly.

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