Danganronpa 2 – Casual Conversation = Deathflag?

Wow, how anti-slice-of-life…


Naegi examines his room. Monobear left everyone weapons in their room.

Naegi notices that his bathroom is locked. Monobear points out that he has to open it a special way.

Sayaka visits Naegi and tells him about the rattling sound she hears from her door every night. Naegi offers to switch rooms with her for the night.

Naegi shows her how to open the bathroom door before he goes to her room for the night.

The next morning, Naegi profiles everyone by how they appear for breakfast.

Everyone eventually arrives except for Sayaka. Naegi goes to check up on her in his room.

Naegi finds his room completely wrecked.

He finds Sayaka, stabbed to death inside the bathroom.

Naegi freaks out and faints.

Naegi wakes up in the gym with everyone.

Monobear tells them all about the murder of Sayaka and how one of them must have done it.

Monobear tells them about the upcoming trial where they will have a chance to call out the murderer, or face execution if they get it wrong.

Junko stomps on Monobear for being a dick.

Monobear gets Junko killed for violence against the principal.

Their handhelds are updated with a report on Sayaka’s death.

After discovering that Sayaka died in Naegi’s room. Everyone suspects him to be the murderer.

Everyone looks around for clues before the trial.

Naegi discovers a dying note written with Sayaka’s blood, 11037.

Kyoko discovers that Naegi and Sayaka’s nameplates have been switched around.

Naegi finds Sayaka’s CD and plays it in the AV room.

It shows a scene of Sayaka’s idol group members being disposed by Monobear.

Monobear appears on the big screen calling for the start of the trial.


Well, this episode really got the ball rolling with the plot. It was actually quite surprising really. I didn’t expect Sayaka to die first. Usually, these survival mysteries keep the pseudo-girlfriend alive until the end. Nope. She dead. Also, about the title of this review, I only realized it after watching this. That might be something to look out for. If someone’s being buddy-buddy with the others, expect that they’re either going to have a crowning moment of awesome, or they’re going to die. Now as for revealing the clues to the murder, it felt rushed. Part of the fun of watching a mystery anime is getting to see all the clues in detail, how the others find it too. Here, we only got like 3 minutes for that part. I feel less time could have been used to reiterate the rules of how killing works. The only really new piece of info Monobear introduced was the trial. Now, the good points of the show. The dialogue kept the show interesting. While this isn’t the most animated show, the exchanges between characters and Naegi’s internal monolgues are what should give the viewers a reason to keep watching, which I think it manages to do here. Again, to make up for the lack of action, the anime uses pop-up graphics like in the original video game. I think this is a nice touch. In shows like these where many details are important, these pop-ups serve to highlight things that may easily be missed, like the passing of days or the location of the characters. I’m not really going into detail on my speculations. I’m just going to point out that 11037 might have to be read upside down to understand *wink* I actually don’t know, I haven’t played the game so my specs here are completely out of what I observed from the clues. Well, let’s wait to see next week if my specs are right!

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