Gatchaman Crowds 1 – Derpiest. Main Character. Ever.

This show is generally weird but hey, lingerie girls! I’m game!


The blondie Sugune is secretly a Gatchaman in pursuit of a threat called Mess along with the other members of the G-Team.

Through his Note, he learns the location of the Mess from his teammates.

Meanwhile, our main character Hajime is having an intimate moment with a notebook.

She goes to the rooftop to have lunch (because that’s where all main characters have lunch) and overhears a conversation about the urban legend of the Gatchaman.

While on the roof, a mysterious man appears before her.

The man reaches into her chest and pulls out a Note from inside her.

Hajime sees the messages from the other G-Team members and heads to the mall where they’re hunting down a Mess.

In the mall, Sugune uses the Amnesia Effect to keep civilians out of harm’s way while he fights.

Hajime makes it in time to witness Sugune defeat the Mess.

After the fight, Hajime congratulates Sugune and discovers that they go to the same school.

Hajime almost reveals the secret of the Gatchaman forcing Sugune to freak out and bring her to he Gatchaman Cage.

Hajime is brought to the underground lair that wasn’t actually far from her school.

Hajime voluntarily gets to know the other members of the G-Team.

She’s introduced to the team leader, Paiman who looks like a panda.

Paiman teaches her about the identity of the Gatchaman, the Note and JJ, their leader.

Sugune gives Hajime a tour around the Cage while explaining the fight against the Mess.

Suddenly, JJ brings them all to meet up and he gives them a mission said in a riddle.

Sugune and Hajime move out to face a Mess hiding at a bus station.

Sugune transforms and fights the Mess.

Meanwhile, JJ blows on a bird.

Hajime decides to give transforming a go as well.

I swear, if Tony Stark ever hired a 12-year-old girl to make an Ironman suit…

Meanwhile, some crazy girly-man is laughing while watching the Gatchaman from afar.


Another weird anime and mainly for the main character. I would have never saw this show coming since I didn’t see a trailer for it and the only reasons I decided to give it a go was the legacy behind the Gatchaman name and underwear girls! But mostly Gatchaman. No, I probably just wanted to see underwear girls. I don’t even know why I picked this show. Still, I can’t say the show didn’t impress. I think the best thing going for this show is definitely the unique, eye-catching visual style. It’s really pop and flashy. The music is also quite unique but I can’t say that it’s amazing or anything. If anything, the style of this anime is like a watered down Redline. There wasn’t really a lot to judge all the characters by yet, from what I can tell, everyone’s fine except for the panda and the main character herself. The panda, well, I’m just not in to mascot characters that talk, especially when they’re as irritable as little Paiman. Now Hajime. GOD, HAJIME! She’s a major air-headed ditz! Seriously, I want to believe her voice actor was high on weed while doing voice work for her. She was amused by anything and everything, she couldn’t take anything seriously plus she has a weird fetish for office supplies! Sure, her character is funny for the most part but of course there are going to times when the show will have to get serious and she’s going to have to get serious with it. I hope she won’t be chasing butterflies in her head while half her city is getting destroyed by the Mess…Well, thinking positively, at least she’s not the typical sissy anime protagonist. Sugune seems to carry himself well enough. As for the other G-Team members, again, not enough about them to come up with any kind of definitive impression. O.D. seems to be a copy of Leeron from Gurren Lagann, who I actually liked. Jou looks like a bro, but again, I haven’t seen enough from him. Same with Utsu-tsu (who, by the way, looks like Saya from Saya no Uta). Not a lot to go by from her but hey, underwear, I’m already happy with her character. So, the first episode left me with mixed impressions. I like the style and I see promise in the action, the plot looks like standard hero plot for now, but the characters are definitely going to either make or break the anime. Also, gibberish opening theme much.

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4 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 1 – Derpiest. Main Character. Ever.

  1. Quizoxy

    I find it good that it is easy to comprehend and fascinating to watch with the graphic styling that reminds me of childhood imaginations.

  2. mtjhax

    Hajime’s ditziness becomes integral to the story if you get past episode one. The whole point is that she seems to be a ditz but is actually exceedingly thoughtful. She becomes a different kind of hero who doesn’t rely on violence, thinks about the enemy’s motivations and tries to understand them, ignores rules and status quo if they don’t fit her positive worldview, and has a beneficial effects on those around her. I agree some of the characters seem derivative — but it’s anime so I expect nothing less.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      Just some friendly advice: Raise your standards a little. You have all the right to call an anime out on its faults and its actually a good thing if you did because you open up other peoples’ views when they hear you and it gives them a little more to be able to discern what’s good in an anime and what’s not, and if everyone raises their standards to a point where they expect anime to not be horrible and pervert-pandering crap, then maybe, just maybe, we can pressure anime studios to pick things up and put out better content…Or we could end up killing the anime industry if we refuse to buy into their crap but they don’t do anything else but continue to produce crap then everyone gets bankrupt and anime dies…Anyway, you should expect more from anime. Don’t settle for the standard of anime as something that is prone to fault.


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