Uchouten Kazoku 1 – This Confuses My Penis Greatly

Does this even qualify as a trap?


In this world, there exist the Tengu, the humans and the Tanuki. Yasaburo is a Tanuki looking for excitement in life. One day, he runs into his little brother while on his way to Master Akadama.

A dog starts barking at them causing Yasaburo’s brother’s tail to pop out, a sign that he’s a Tanuki.

Yasaburo’s older brother catches him running around as a girl and scolds him.

Yasaburo took the form of a school girl to please his master (what). Unfortunately,  Akadama only scolds him for doing something so foolish.

Short flashback of when Yasaburo first met Satomi, another student of Akadama.

Akadama rants on how Satomi hasn’t visited in a long time.

He writes a letter and orders Yasaburo to give it to her.

Yasaburo picks up a bow and arrow that just happened to be lying on the floor.

He finds Satomi in a restaurant with a bunch of old men.

Yasaburo uses the bow to fire the letter at her while staying hidden.

The arrow nearly hits Satomi, causing her group of old guys to go into a panic.

Satomi tracks Yasaburo at a bar.

She talks to Yasaburo about getting him into a fight, turning him into Tanuki stew and how he was responsible for Akadama’s loss of his ability to fly.

She kisses Yasaburo goodbye after he reveals Akadama’s residence.

Yasaburo spots Akadama trying to talk to Satomi.

Satomi just leaves him crawling and flies off laughing.

Yasaburo finds Akadama waiting on the sidewalk for a taxi.

Akadama rants on how shameful it is that a being once capable of flight is reduced to having to take a taxi. Yasaburo tries to comfort him by telling him that a change of pace can do people good sometimes.

They arrive at Akadama’s home. Yasaburo tucks his master to bed and switches off the lights.

Satomi appears above Akadama out of nowhere.


You know, after Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and Red Data Girl, I was going to tell myself to stop reviewing mythology-themed anime since I felt that I wasn’t really all that good with it yet here I am doing Uchouten Kazoku. So what’s there to say about this show? Well, it’s certainly “interesting”. I’m getting really lively vibes from the atmosphere of this show. The visual style uses really vibrant colors and there’s a subtle, canvas-like texture in most of the background. The opening theme of course, adds to the liveliness of this show. The story feels like it begins in medias res. The characters already have a sense of familiarity with each other and I guess it helps get the plot moving and it offers up some opportunities for interesting storytelling. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY the show manages to tie everything together in the span of this 13 episode season. There’s so much potential in this and I hope it doesn’t flop like Red Data Girl. The intro for the first episode did a good job hooking me in. It was essentially a minute and a half info dumping the premise of this show but hey, it was colorful, full of motion and it these visuals helped give me a taste of the world as I was having the world being described to me. Good combo of visual and auditory communication. Now, how good or bad is showing going to get? It’s too early to tell. Nothing, not the plot, not the characters, not the production value, is an indicator of a great anime here and yet, I feel like I really want to watch this. This could be one of those anime that could be really entertaining when you lest expected it to be. I hope that’s the case.

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One thought on “Uchouten Kazoku 1 – This Confuses My Penis Greatly

  1. Quizoxy

    I admit that it was hard to focus! How to see him as a straight male when he had that look?! That shoujo sailor uniform is over manipulative!


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