Summer 2013 Anime Episodic Review Round 1!

Here we go! These are all the reviews the admins at the Sunny Side Anime Blog Facebook page posted on Free!, C3-bu, Danganronpa, Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou!

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou 01

Fast Hands:

And here we have the first show to be subbed in the season, beginning already with a very famous scene that everyone should know, otherwise they should just jump into the “uncultured pit” to rot away.

Basically, this show is 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd minus 99 deeds, and giving the deed to the person who can understand him. Harumi Kazuhito died trying to save a random girl’s life in a local dinner. However, his will to read the final volume of a famous author’s series before dying is so strong, that it lets him live again…as a little dachshund. Later, the girl he tried to protect comes in and picks him up. As it turns out, she was the famous author after all, Natsuno Kirihime, and due to that “sheer power of will” thing, they’ve become connected, and she became the Justin Taylor to his Eddie Mcdowd. As the episode progresses, news Kazuhito’s death is broadcasted on TV, and Natsuno becomes somewhat guilty and goes to Kazuhito’s apartment.

As it stands, this show didn’t click for me. The comedy was too light, the plot doesn’t seem like it will go anywhere, and the characters are too archetypal. The Opening was like any comedy Jpop opening you will usually have, but the ending was like something a person on drugs would imagine. Flippin Flyin Scissor Rangers! Although, the plot may go somewhere with Natsuno investigating his murder, but as a show whose main character is a bookworm, one should expect a lot of novel references, which were non-existent in this episode.

My stand: You can watch this for relaxation, but don’t expect much.

Free! 1

Damn you Commie Subs!


“When you’re ten, they call you a prodigy. When you’re fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you’re just an ordinary person.”

That there is probably the most significant thing that came out of the first episode of Swimming Bros. What that quote does is instantly set a sense of urgency for the protagonist, Haruka. He gives himself a time limit of three years to do something with his life that could break him out of the ordinary. In a way, it’s the story telling you “No, this isn’t slice-of-life. These guys are going to get things done!”

The characters themselves so far are pretty generic. Haruka is your generic apathetic teen. Rin is your generic douchebag Rival (basically Gary from Pokemon). Nagisa and Makoto are girls. As in, they’re stereotype characters from a schoolgirl slice-of-life put into sexy male bodies. Then there’s Gou who is sort of like an incentive for guys to watch this anime. She’s pretty average. Ironically, this “normal girl” personality of hers makes me like her more than the typical, cartoony Kyo Ani girls.

The visuals are obviously Kyo-Ani quality and hopefully it stays consistent. The music also stands out. A kick ass opening theme, and a diverse soundtrack from the familiar J-pop to hip-hop to even dubstep.

The fanservice is also very blatant and the implied gayness is there. It’s pretty amusing from this guy’s POV, but hopefully the fanservice just plays second priority to the plot. It actually has the potential to go somewhere.

Fast Hands:

At this juncture, I would like to point out how Horriblesubs are indeed horrible, simply because fansubbing is an art, not a science. GAY SWIMMING FOR THE WIN!

As much as I have watched this show thrice in this day already (which is already a cosmic occurrence of its own), I’m not going to give a summary for this episode, all you need to know is that this show is, one a scale of 1 to 10, this show is gay, but it is the entertaining kind.

Verdict: Okay+

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 01

Fast Hands:

Weirdo girls in an all girls school who play airsoft war games try to recruit a perspective-weirdo-yet-very-shy freshman into their airsoft war games with K-ON style cake bait but fail at first but succeed later on. Perspective-weirdo-yet-very-shy freshman also has an over-active imagination, like Koe de Oshigoto Kanna Aoyagi level over-active imagination.

Opinion: As an avid fan of anything warfare + moe, this is very relevant to my interest. Needless to say, I REALLY like this show, to the point that it makes me want to get into the Airsoft Hobby.
The anime itself would basically be summarized by this formula: K-ON X Girls und Panzer X Upotte! – Music – Tanks. Based from the opening, it can be concluded that there will be tournaments, and off the episode, there will be tea and cakes.

Overall: Something for fans of the genre to enjoy, and maybe even non-fans. One thing’s for sure, it will at least make you interested in Airsoft.

Danganronpa 1

Fast Hands:

Let me first point out that I have absolutely no experience with the game source material, the most I know about it is that a certain fangirl friend of mine plays it, and that’s it. With that said, forgive me for not bashing at how bad/different/disloyal this show is from the game, I don’t know any better.

Opinion – Feelings of “weirded out” and “impressed” all fall in as the episode progresses. First we have that really weird scene about the rocket ship, then we’re introduced to the entire cast, in a very free flow and impressive way I might add, who themselves are a plethora of interesting character types which I don’t care to enumerate. The animation (Those window bolts look fucking 3D), the music (Most of it was during the orientation), and the plot all do well for what is a death game show. At the moment, my curiosity only ask: “What brought about all this?”, which is a question that I hope will be answered within the show’s runtime.

Overall – Great

Giuvigiuvio: You can read my long-ass review here.

Rozen Maiden 1:


“I understand nothing ~desu!”

First off, I didn’t watch the original Rozen Maiden and that may be a huuuge factor for my impressions for this show. Here goes anyway…

It doesn’t even try. It feels like the show assumes the viewers have seen the original version and just throws them into the shuffle while barely explaining what’s going on. I felt like I was being dragged around by the pacing of the story, with the main characters in the house in one scene, and then thrown into some alternate dimension next and what makes all this worse is that the protagonist never questions ANYTHING. He gets a suspicious old timey letter first thing in the morning? He signs it like this happens to him everyday. A living doll invades his room? Astounded for one second, serving it tea the next. So for someone like me who has all these questions while watching the show, I’m just getting more and more confused as it goes on.

The visuals weren’t all that great either. Most anime will try to impress and hook their audience with a high budget first episode, Rozen Maiden’s first episode looked and felt like it was something out of the middle of the series already.

I really hope it gets better and the following episodes slows down for the sake of understanding what’s going on.

Well, that’s it for this week! Tune in next time for round 2 or Like the Facebook page to get up-to-date updates on these reviews and more

One thought on “Summer 2013 Anime Episodic Review Round 1!

  1. Quizoxy

    Seems like we are on similar frequency for the Summer of 2013! Rozen Maiden sure is a dubstep kind of thing for new audiences, it managed to summarize the whole prequel by re-telling it in the manga route – Something is worth impressed with. Felt like it was made for the true fans – that sense of privilege is sinful to be honest.


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