Danganronpa 1 – It’s Persona and Battle Royale on Drugs

I praise and fear the twisted minds who come up with this stuff…


Our protagonist Makoto is invited to study in Hope’s Peak Academy where the best of the best go to.

He gets dizzy after his first few steps inside and faints.

Makoto wakes up in a strange classroom.

He finds a strange letter telling him to go to the gym for the general assembly.

There, he meets his strange school mates.

Suddenly, Monobear, the strange bear-principal-game master, tells them that they’re all locked in a death game within the school.

Monobear tells them that if they want to get out, they have to kill someone.

Mondo threatens Monobear but then Monobear starts beeping.

One of the other students figure Monobear to be a time bomb and shouts at Mondo to throw it a way before it explodes. Monobear reappears at the podium ala Kyubey.

The students try to find a way out to no avail.

Mondo and Byakuya start arguing so Makoto tries to calm them both down.

Mondo takes out his frustration on Makoto instead and knocks him out.

Makoto wakes up in his room with the familiar Sayaka beside him.

All fifteen students gather in the dining hall.

After some exploring they find out that there are certain areas within the school that are locked off.

The pantry is also stuffed with food and Monobear told one of them that it’s restocked everyday.

Celestia points out that there’s a strange rule stating that the hours between 10 PM and 7 AM are considered “Night Time”. She suggests that during this time period, everyone should stay in their own rooms.

After three days of strangely normal living, Monobear appears before them telling them that he has found a motive that could get them to want to kill each other and get out.

He brings them to an AV room where each of them has to watch a specific video. Makoto’s video features his family.

The scene suddenly changes to a horrifying image of his house destroyed.

Sayaka is the first to freak out.

Makoto tries to calm her down while Monobear laughs at their faces.


A decent enough first episode. It showed just how crazy the cast and the setting is. It’s probably worth playing a drinking game with how many time’s I’ll probably use “strange” to describe something in Danganronpa. There’s a lot of names to remember here and fortunately, I think each character is unique enough from the others to be easily recognizable. The range of alignment is also pretty clear. Right off, you can see who are probably going to be bitches and assholes and who are going to be the okay, even goody two-shoes, guys. I guess this is both a good and bad thing. In real life, I don’t expect everyone to be morally neutral. There’s always going to be some guys you’ll like and some guys you won’t. This show exaggerates their alignments to go with the over-the-top setting and character designs. Still, I expect there will be several turns for the good and the bad (or in wrestling terms, turning Face and turning Heel). So far, the characters themselves act according to their stereotypes, and quite moderately (if that’s the word to use). Despite their wacky appearances, most characters are as believable as their stereotypes allow them. Now the plot and the directions the story has taken is so very generic survival game. You have kids waking up one day to find that they’re forced into a survival game by this obviously villainous villain. Not a lot in the plot that really sets it apart from other survival games. Also, something that may either be a good or a bad thing is how each characters were already labelled with their special talents during the really jarring character intro sequence. It’s a good thing because it makes some of the more ambiguous looking characters a little more recognizable such as the big haired guy who is supposed to be a psychic and the girl/trap (I don’t know) who’s supposed to be a programmer/hacker. It’s a bad thing since I find that discovering each character’s special traits as the plot progresses is one of the enjoyments I get from reading/watching survival game works. But who knows? It’s the first episode, it can still go anywhere. Hopefully it does something to set it apart from all the other survival game stories but we can only wait and see…

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