Suisei no Gargantia 13 – Chamber Loses His Mind

Almost literally.


Striker claims that she is just serving her purpose in aiding humanity by acting as their god.

Chamber tells her that her flawed logic is the result of Kugel’s flawed perception on humanity.

The battle between Kugel’s fleet and Gargantia rages on. Flange orders all the non-combatants to evacuate while they stay to defend Gargantia.

The high-tech cannons cease to function. Pinion orders all his crew members to retreat while he goes down with his treasure.

Ledo synchronizes his neural senses with Chamber to match Striker. The drawback is that Ledo now only has a few minutes to fight before critical damage is inflicted on his nerves.

He spots Amy delivering a message of hope.

Ridget and the elders activate Gargantia’s secret weapon: Heaven’s Ladder.

They fire the powerful cannon at the opposing fleet.

They destroy the main enemy fleet. Striker proceeds to target Gargantia instead of Ledo.

Enemy Yunboros crawl up Pinion’s weapon fleet but he plans to overload the cannons and blow the whole place up anyway.

Lukkage barks at Pinion to survive as she jumps out of the water to save him.

Gargantia fires a lobster special round which destroys Pinion’s entire fleet and everyone on it.

Ledo regrets not being able to talk to Amy one last time.

Chamber literally ejects Ledo out of the cockpit for being a crybaby.

Chamber bids his last farewell as he goes head first towards Striker.

Chamber gets Striker into the Masterlock and blows both of them up.

Gargantia eventually recovers from the battle and even accepts some new members into their community.

All ends well as Bebel lectures some young kids and those guys who won the Gargantia original character contest.


Well, the ending definitely lived up to the rest of the series. It brought out some great action and it continued to raise my respect for characters like Pinion, Flange and especially Chamber. On the other hand, if you told me Urobuchi Gen wrote the whole story for Gargantia, I wouldn’t believe it. This ending is way too good to be true as an Urobuchi work. The guy is known for killing off most of his characters by the end of whatever he’s writing for. There were so many times it could have happened in this episode. There was Amy being completely vulnerable in the sky, Pinion waiting his death atop his fleet of treasured technology, and of course, Ledo fighting to the end of his life. Huh, maybe Urobuchi might be trolling us…Still, this ending gives Gargantia the conclusion it deserves, I believe. It brings everything together yet still being open to a sequel. Which I hope is the case. See, the thing is, with an ending like this, it leaves us, the viewers happy for our characters and yet in the back of our minds, we know that there’s still this ongoing grander conflict that is the Galacting Alliance against the Hideauze. The fact that that hasn’t been settled leaves me hopeful for a sequel. Even so, I believe that these 13 episodes were enough to tell a great story. Every episode mattered. While some episodes seemed like fillers for the sake of fun and fanservice, they still tie in something important like Ledo’s character development or some exposure to the beautiful world the characters inhabit. That’s another thing that was great in this anime: The world. It’s one we don’t often see in anime. There were many scenes early on in the anime that really worked to show how vast and majestic Gargantia and the rest of the world was. There was also music in the soundtrack that greatly enhanced the experience of exploring Gargantia and its culture through Ledo’s perspective. Ledo himself is quite a decent character. For one thing, he’s not the sissy coward most anime protagonists are these days. Ledo was a soldier who had to make decisions to ensure he survives to carry out his mission. Even while he was indulging in the rich culture of Gargantia, he would constantly consult his buddy Chamber for advice on their next course of action. Rarely was Ledo shown to be indecisive or emotionally weak. Despite that, how he was put into a situation and environment unfamiliar to him opened Ledo as a character to change and development. The other characters also played their role well. What I liked about the cast in Gargantia is that the characters would be consistently recurring, no character’s role overtook anothers. Even those guys in drag saw themselves in the final episodes. Of course, there will be some characters more important than others, for example, Amy and Pinion, but minor characters even get appropriate screen time so you don’t go “Who’s this guy again?” This wasn’t like with Maou Yuusha where I would forget some characters’ previous involvement with the story. So unlike that show, Gargantia manages it’s fairly sizeable cast well. Now, most of the characters in this show had some visible level of rationality. Except Amy, no one was perpetually good or perpetually evil. Everyone did what they did for a reason. Example, Flange seemed to be quite antagonistic with his initial suspicions on Ledo and his decision to leave Gargantia but he validates them with his reasons and those same reasons come up when he’s shown having to make decisions as a leader to his men. A couple of exceptions to that opinion are the freaking cultists who were so painfully villainous. I might understand their reverence for Kugel and Striker. To them, Striker probably possessed some otherworldly powers leading people to believe it as some sort of diety. However, it makes little sense for them to be wearing creepy robes and facepaint and performing equally creepy gestures like staring blankly into space and raising their arms to the rain uniformly. I’m pretty sure those weren’t Kugel’s ideas…Also, there’s Lukkage. The surfing lobster lesbian (now bisexual?) pirate queen gimmick is too outlandish for this setting. But anyway, final words: Gargantia is definitely the most consistently good anime in a while. Every episode brings something interesting, the characters are mostly done well and are given appropriate screentime according to their roles, the world and the back story of this show is probably it’s best aspect. Of course the visuals and the sounds are great coming from Production I.G. Is Gargantia a nominee for “OMFG BEST ANIMU EVARR!!1!”? Maybe not. It plays it a little too safe and a little too straightforward and of course 13 episodes isn’t a lot to work with. While there will be times where the show will blow your mind, it just doesn’t leave an impact as great as Gurren Lagann or Madoka Magica though. So who should watch this? Everybody. It’s still a great show that will satisfy just about anybody who wanted to watch it. Put it on your list as the standard of what a good sci-fi anime should strive to be like.

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4 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 13 – Chamber Loses His Mind

  1. Quizoxy

    The title caught me off guard. I believe that this title will mark as a contrast work of Urobuchi Gen down the years, proving the fact that he can be away from death chain if desired. Looking forward to his next title – Expelled from Paradise, the visuals look amazing at this point of time where it is still under production.

  2. Artemis

    Maybe the lack of character death in this series is just Urobuchi’s version of a plot twist. XD Seriously though, overall I thoroughly enjoyed this series – although I think the first half was stronger than the second, I wasn’t unsatisfied with the ending and if there’s one thing I wished for, it was that the show could have been longer. This would no doubt have helped with some of the smaller issues I had with Gargantia such as the lack of any particularly meaningful character development with Amy and, as you pointed out, painfully villainous occultists. Other than that, no major complaints here. It was probably my favourite series of the spring season, and definitely one of the best in terms of general production quality.

  3. Tyjos Azari


    Epic Last Line for Chamber, This Series was a Good Series and indeed makes it to my Top List so far for what I watched the past Season and that’s a VERY Short List.

    Good Ending, a Satisfying Ending actually…..


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