Pixiv Initiativ Week 1: Mana Kakkowarai

Welcome to the Sunny Side’s Pixiv Initiative Project! So here, what I’m going to be doing is find a Pixiv user people might be interested in and share some of his/her works and link to sites (like Pixiv of course). I’ll also give my comments on what I think of the works but of course it’s mostly going to be positive stuff since these are artists I like enough to feature! So let’s get started! Over the weekend on the Facebook page, I’ve been featuring Mana Kakkowarai. So that’s how this is pretty much going to go with this project, I post pics of a chosen artists from Monday to Friday over at the Facebook page, then compile and add extra art and feature them here on the blog after!

So here’s the truth, I actually had to go Danbooru to find links to some of these accounts and then click around the Moon Runes to find the artists’ other sites. Fortunately Pixiv has an English user interface making this job slightly easier…

So why go to the artists’ Pixiv if I’m already posting their work her? Well, I’m only going to be posting like 10 – 12 of the artist’s works and Mana has over 40 in Pixiv and more at another of the artist’s site. Also, Pixiv has these images available in original size whereas I have to downsize them to save memory space.

So here’s the link to Mana’s Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2705736

The artist also has his/her (I don’t know :P) site with even more art, animated versions of some works, professional works (concept art and such) plus the site is partly in English!

Link to the artist’s site: http://manaweb.net/en/art/

From all the blind clicking I did, I found out that Mana did some work to some kind of idol-themed trading card game….I think.

So what I noticed about Mana is that he/she uses a lot of purple/pink, warm and soft colors plus the subject of his works are usually looking at the viewer, sometimes quite fondly….Like they’re your girlfriend or something.

I appreciate any artist who can draw girly girls as well as manly men!

So that’s it for Mana Kakkowarai week! Check out (and maybe Like?) the Facebook page to find out the artist of the week!

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