Suisei no Gargantia 12 – New Hair = Character Development.

Did they just take a page out of Red Data Girl’s playbook?


Pinion looks like a little boy in a candy store when he’s brought to a warehouse full of buildable material.

Lukkage lets him in on her plan to cause a mutiny and leave the fleet.

Ledo tries to dissuade Kugel from attacking Gargantia but Kugel chooses to pursue it anyway.

Melty delivers a secret message to Pinion.

Pinion, Flange and Melty meet in secret. Flange is bothered by the customs of the people on the fleet. Pinion tells them about Lukkage’s plans but also tells them that they need Ledo’s cooperation.

It starts raining and Ledo and Pinion witness the people up to their strange-ass sh** again.

Then they witness the people sacrificing the old and the weak to their gods. This becomes the final straw for Ledo and Pinion.

Ledo asks Chamber if he’s up to the task of fighting Kugel and Striker. Chamber reminds Ledo that he is in full control of him. (Resisting…Weird…Yaoi Fantasies!)

Ledo: Chamber, will you fight with me?
Chamber: Ledo-senpai…You know I’ll do anything for you!

Stupid sexy Pinion approaches Ledo to get him to join the rebellion.

Ledo gives Melty a special task: Fly all the way to Gargantia (Since contact by radio is too risky) and warn them about the impending attack.

Melty flies for hours until her fatigue catches up to her and she falls.

Miraculously, Melty is saved by Amy.

The elders gather after hearing Melty’s warning. They plan to turn back while the mutiny goes on.

Amy tells them that they can’t just leave Ledo and the others for dead while they’re fighting to save Gargantia.

Oldham agrees and tells them it’s time to use the key Fairlock passed down to Ridget.

And so the uprising begins.

Ledo and Kugel get into an epic dogfight.

Pinion and the other mechanics provide cover fire.

Lukkage wrecks the opposing factions Yunboro army.

Pinion manages to score a direct hit on Kugel giving Ledo a chance to counter attack.

Chamber pins Striker to a wall while Ledo opens up its cockpit to see Kugel.

Kugel turns out to have been nothing but a corpse preserved by Striker.

Striker frees herself and warns Ledo that his actions contradict Alliance protocol while Strike flies away.


A pretty good episode but by Gargantia’s standards, I expected more especially from the second to the last episode. Maybe it’s just me, but this just didn’t have the right build up to lead into the finale. Don’t get me wrong, this episode was still very entertaining, everyone doing their own thing, Pinion turning face and going back to being a bro, the fight between Kugel and Ledo was also a fun watch and while not the best mecha battle I’ve seen, it did have some pretty damn awesome cinematics such as the sky clearing up when their lasers are fired through them. Back to what I was saying though. I think this episode should have spent more time building up to one big fight instead of spending half the episode on build up, half on the fight, and then end with a cliffhanger anyway. I think more time should have been spent exploring Pinion with him induldging in his newfound power. That way, him turning back to help his allies would have made a bigger impact. Also, Ledo had one too many flashbacks. I understand that it did show that Gargantia weighed heavy on his mind but there are still better ways to have presented that. I think Ledo should have soent more time questioning Kugel and trying to talk him out of it. If that happened, and tensionwas formed between the two, there would have been a lot more to their fight at the end. Speaking of that fight. Again, great cinematics, but I didn’t agree witht heir choice of music. It still played the slow, suspensful track when something a little more faster paced would have really emphasized the action. Well, It’s not like this show is doomed to have a crappy ending. I’m just saying that a few things could have been done different in this episode to really secure that the finale will really hit hard. As it is now, it could go both ways. I don’t expect Gargantia to end too conclusively though. This show is way too good to not have a second season.

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2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 12 – New Hair = Character Development.

  1. Artemis

    I feel I can’t really judge about the build-up from this episode until I see the finale. I’m not really sure at this point if things will end on an uplifting note or a terribly depressing one, but given that it could probably easily go either way, I’m inclined to withhold judgment until after the whole things’s finished.

  2. Nightfall

    Weeeell, since the last ep’s gonna be written by the Urobutcher himself, guess it’ll prolly not disappoint. And yeah, Pinion really needed some more fleshing out, although I’d say in the short span of time the series gave him, he’s better off than most.


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