Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 12 – Who the Hell Was That?!

That girl next to Matabei…She’s just an extra isn’t she?


The final boss makes his way to Yoshihiko’s castle while the Master Samurai are down.

Sen rushes to stop it. Hanzo rushes to stop Sen from rushing. Hanzo sacrifices herself. Sen gets defeated anyway.

Yukimura and Matabei work together to stop the final boss’ movements.

Sasuke and Kanetsugu still get hit by its attack and get absorbed into the final boss.

Matabei and Yukimura finally give out and are devoured by the final boss as well.

Muneakira goes into a rage and rushes towards the final boss.

Muneakira is barely saved by Keiji. Now Jubei rushes in rage and gets devoured.

At the core of the final boss, Jubei is reunited with Inshun who is protected by the charm Jubei gave her. Inshun tells Jubei to kill and release her in order to defeat the final boss.

Jubei regains consciousness while Keiji gives all her ki to revive Muneakira.

Together, Muneakira and Jubei cut their way to the core of the final boss.

There, a possessed Inshun challenges them to stop her.

Jubei and Muneakira are reunited with the other Master Samurai and they sacrifice themselves to turn Jubei into a Samurai Bride.

Behold! The immaculate light of marriage!

Mataemon and Hanzo both fade as their souls are cleansed by the immaculate light of marriage.

Jubei next drills her way toward Inshun.

Jubei reaches Inshun whose soul is also released by the Samurai Bride’s powers.

Musashi is the last to stand against Jubei.

Jubei unleashes her finisher move: A giant broadswoard-with-a-jetpack laser…Yup. Doesn’t get more animu than this.

Musashi also feels the lightness of her release as she fades on Jubei’s arms.

Nia and Gisen celebrate for being missing from 23/24ths of the final episode.

The Master Samurai girls return to Great Japan all safe.

Aaand the monkey is the last thing we’ll see for this series…


For the most part, I enjoyed this season of Hyakka Ryouran than the first. It just had more of everything. More girls, more comedy, more action more feels. Just a little less fanservice. I do believe there were more bare boobies and pseudo-Hentai scenes in the first season but if you ask me, less fanservice is a good thing. Just like the first season, the world and the events are quite hard to take seriously but I think it straightened out in the end more or less. It started with a maid cafe…in post-Warring States period Japan. We had monkey girls and beach episodes. As cliched and nonsensical as most of the first half was, it was fun to watch. Evey episode managed to make me laugh a bit and enjoy the show. Hell, I even felt a little broken-hearted by Kanetsugu. Also, despite most of the early episodes being pandering to the fans, they always managed to sneak in a little plot development with every episode. It’s either we get a new Master Samurai after catching a panty stealing monkey, or we get to see Team Bad Guy argue with each other and slowly fall apart. Now the second half is where the plot really mattered and where the show actually started to stumble. The show started to juggle multiple topics such Gisen’s loss of her powers, the mystery behind the Guardian Stone, the duel between Jubei and Musashi, and some more. There was so much on the platter, Hyakka Ryouran had to hide some food under the table. And they weren’t descrete, especially with Gisen’s case. Gisen basically returned for one episode and then spent the rest of the season leaning on a wall listening to the others from a distance motionless. They never really went on to explain what she was doing to regain her powers. Also, she, Matabei and Nia were written off from multiple episodes so obviously. “Matabei! Go somewhere far to look for Keiji Maeda and don’t come back until the episode’s almost done!” “Looks like Gisen and Nia were swept away by the final boss! Let’s just hope they’re safe.” Really? They couldn’t afford anything else for Nia and Gisen? Why bother putting them in the anime in the first place? To sell merchandise? Then there’s the matter of how the antagonist group just fell apart. It was hard to see them as a serious threat when there were only like 2 of them fighting the protagonists at a time. So it comes down to this for Hyakka Ryouran. Good start, fell flat on its finish. It didn’t really handle use of its many characters well but it is still better than the first season in terms of delivering comedy and action. Watch it if you enjoyed the first Hyakka Ryouran. You’ll probably like this too. Otherwise, don’t set your expectations too high if you’re just coming in to this show just now.

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