Red Data Girl 12 – Well It Ends…

I admit, part of me squealed like a fangirl at this scene.


Electronics stop working as Izumiko has gone berserk.

On his way to find Izumiko and Takayanagi, Miyuki runs into Nonomura who hands him a staff.

Manatsu joins Miyuki to find Izumiko. He’s worried Masumi is involved in this.

There, they find that Izumiko has turned Takayanagi into a dog.

Miyuki calls on Wamiya, who tells him that Izumiko doesn’t wish to be found.

Izumiko is moping in another realm.

Masumi appears to cheer her up and confess his love for her.

Miyuki, Wamiya and Takayanagi force their way to Izumiko’s realm.

There, they encounter zombies trying to stop them from seeing Izumiko.

Miyuki fights them off while Takayanagi just stays under a tree trunk.

Manatsu returns to Mayura who’s worried for both of them. Manatsu advises Mayura to take it easy.

Masumi makes his offer to Izumiko to try to win her over.

Miyuki gets stabbed by one of the zombies.

Miyuki is protected by his cellphone linked to Izumiko.

Miyuki tries his luck and calls out Izumiko’s name.

While walking with Masumi, Izumiko’s phone rings, which is pretty much a miracle given the circumstances.

Out of the phone pops out Wamiya, who tells Masumi to leave, who complies and disappears.

Wamiya unites Miyuki with Izumiko.

After a lovey-dovey confession between Izumiko and Miyuki, Takayanagi apologizes for being a dick.

Meanwhile, ghosts appear inside the academy in a long march.

Masumi also appears to talk to Mayura.

Yukimasa and Yukariko fly over the academy and decide that Izumiko has passed their standards.

Aaaaand Red Data Girl finally comes to an end…


Well, this is it. Red Data Girl has finally come to an end. Now…Red Data Girl seems to be that anime of the season that no one would pay attention to (except me) because it failed to stand out and will end up in future years as one of those anime only hipster anime fans go back to watch. RDG wasn’t a bad anime, it just wasn’t a great one either. It failed to deliver those moments in its story which we’ll remember this anime for forever. Now, what did RDG do right? Izumiko’s characterization. How Izumiko evolved throughout the series is something other anime should take note of. There’s visible growth. Izumiko starts out as this spineless, weak, shy nerd whose only redeeming factor was her desire to change herself. Over time, Izumiko does indeed take these little steps into improving herself. These little steps accumulate so that she ends up significantly different, significantly better than she was at the start. Is Izumiko a perfect character now that the series has ended? No, Izumiko still has her moments of weakness and that’s what gives Miyuki purpose in this show, aaand it also opens up the series to a sequel. But on to Miyuki, he too saw some change over time. Through all that’s happened, he’s formed a bond with Izumiko when initially, he hated everything about her. Look at them now, cuddling on a bench under the moonlight. There wasn’t a drastic change in him either. Every episode worked to bring those two closer and I say it paid off. Now, unfortunately, I fear that’s as far as Red Data Girl goes in terms of positive attributes. It has loads of flaws that I can’t ignore. One, plot overload. There’s too much of a story to tell and not enough time to tell it. We had multiple characters and multiple potential sub-arcs but none of those were given appropriate focus. Let’s look at Miyuki and Yukimasa. Those two absolutely hated each other, and at the start, I was really interested to know the details of their shared tension. Unfortunately, we never really get into that. We never know just why Miyuki hates his dad so much. Then there’s Masumi and the Kuzuryu. That seemed like the opportunity to really expand Red Data Girl’s conflict and actually involve more of their world than what ended up happening. Imagine if that thing was let loose and the unwilling Izumiko had to stop it. There would have been so much potential if the story went through that route. Finally, the one biggest flaw of Red Data Girl is the Himegami itself. We hear so much about the Himegami, how it’s so powerful and destructive enough to level the entire world. The problem is, we barely get to see any of that power. We just get little hints at how awesome and mystical she is but we never get the full thing. Again, this is leading me to speculate that there’s going to be a sequel with a grander plot involving the Himegami. Does that promise of a sequel rectify this season though? Of course not. This season was still mediocre at best and if anything, that’s going to harm any following season’s potential for success. Shame too. P.A. Works has brought out some great anime such as Angel Beats, Another, and Tari Tari. Red Data Girl had the appeal of a P.A. Works anime, but little of the substance. While it shares in impressive visuals, it falls short in most of its story elements and when it comes down to it, that’s what I watch anime for.

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2 thoughts on “Red Data Girl 12 – Well It Ends…

  1. Artemis

    I think there were actually quite a few people watching Red Data Girl – it’s just that there weren’t necessarily a whole lot of people discussing it (or at least, not many in comparison to some of the other new anime titles of the season). I think that’s understandable though – as you pointed out, it’s neither a great anime nor a terrible one, and usually it’s the shows that fall into one of these two camps which end up getting most of the attention. I liked parts of Red Data Girl and purely from a technical perspective, there’s no denying that the artwork was gorgeous. By the end of it though, I was just glad for it to be over. The first half seemed much stronger to me than the second, and by the time it finished it felt extremely watered-down. It’s a shame, because there was plenty of potential there I think – it’s just that it never properly lived up to it.


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