Who the Hell Do You Think She Is?! It’s Gurren Lagann’s Yoko Littner by Sega!


Oh yeah, and Boota….and Ryback in the background.


The 12th annual Philippine Toy Convention happened just a weekend ago (You can check out my photos from the event at the Facebook page here). One of the many merchandise I picked up was this neat Yoko Littner figure I bought from the hobby shop Wakuwaku, same place where I bought my Figma Madoka, Pastel Ink, and Project DIVA Miku. You can check my reviews for those out on the Figure Reviews section of this blog. Anyway, on to reviewing Sega’s Yoko Littner (and Boota)! As usual, the head. Yoko does resemble her anime counterpart here and her facial expression is done well. You can read her surprised look even from a fair distance. It’s also worth noting how her mouth hole actually goes in pretty deep (no innuendo intended).


Now, one of Yoko’s most notable features that is also well highlighted in this figure are her perfectly shaped breasts barely protected by her skimpy bikini.


Like most of the promotional material featuring Yoko, she is caught in quite a compromising situation with Boota tugging on her top. It’s worth pointing out from the photo bellow how the seam between the front and back parts of her hair is quite concealed compared to most figures.


Yoko’s ponytail is also fabulously done with how it flows from her like a wave. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty obvious black paint scratch at the end of her ponytail with the Yoko I got.


You probably noticed the odd choice of backdrop I have for this review. Well, I bought a lucky bag with randomly placed goodies from Hobby Japan’s stall at ToyCon and it came with a couple of banners from their Seven Deadly Sins series and an Ecchi Kanetsugu poster. The banners are fine but I’m not so cool with the poster. Kanetsugu isn’t exactly my favorite Hyakka Ryouran character plus no way in hell am I going to hang such an Ecchi poster on my bedroom wall.


Man, the work on Yoko’s boobs is just great. She looks good from many angles. From above such as the previous image, or from her side like the image below.


Yoko isn’t all boobs though. In the anime, Yoko has a pretty admirable character standing alongside the heroic protagonists of Gurren Lagann and having her own moments of awesome. Also, her body is in great shape. Just look at those hips!


Yoko comes with two attachable accessories. One is a pistol, the other is a rifle.


Here’s how her rifle looks. The quality on both guns match the figure pretty well.


She has pretty well detailed folds on her clothes. Pretty realistic too considering how her legs are posed,


Her legs are what really make her pose dynamic. It depicts movement. As if this image of Yoko is one of where she’s on the go and Boota happened to grab on to her straps.


Yoko is actually a pretty big figure and it’s not just because of her base giving her an extra couple of inches. She’s standing almost completely vertically. This size of hers really makes me feel like I got my money’s worth for her. Also, her emphasis on her vertical stance makes it pretty restricting to take landscape style photos. Portrait style photos, however, look really good.


Her base is actually pretty cool. She’s standing on the Gurren Lagann’s hand and there’s a neat 5th year anniversary to balance out the otherwise plain black base.


It really hits me hard thinking about how it’s already been 5 years or more since the epic Gurren Lagann aired.


Now on to her back! Speaking of backs, get a load of Ryback standing at the back!


Actually, the knot on her bikini is still pretty secure so I dontt think she has to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.


The only downside possibly worth making a big deal out of is how poorly done these sticks coming out of her hair is. It really looks like a pair of sticks glued to her head as opposed of them actually looking like they’re coming out from her hair.


So that’s it for Yoko, I guess. Other things to note. Her paint job is mostly fine but I have encountered quite a lot of paint scratches as dirt on the most annoying places to remove dirt from. Also, her skin is pretty glossy. That’s a sign that she’s been made with lower quality plastic compared to other scale figures. Still, it’s not really that obvious and her fine sculpt details and spot on paint job will prevent anyone confusing her from a bootleg. Now, I do fear that her plastic might get soft and she’ll end up leaning since she’s only standing on one leg. So, final verdict: Good figure. Nice size, great details while staying faithful to her original character design. Her paint is good save for some stray paint and dirt. Obviously, the glossy plastic skin and those stupid glued-on sticks are what work against her. She should come cheap unlike most figures, and there aren’t really a lot of Yoko figures, at least not compared to characters like Saber or Hatsune Miku. If you like Yoko, or you want an affordable yet decent addition to your collection, or both, and you see this Yoko, I say go for it and buy her. Now for teh extra pixorzz


If you’re wondering, Ryback is also one of the awesome stuff I bought at Toy Con.



Her base actually makes a pretty good space to display some smaller figures on.


Yeah…Enough of the weirdness. Again, if you wanna see my ToyCon photos or if you just really wanna support this blog, you can do so by Liking the Facebook page!

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