Suisei no Gargantia 11 – Overly Animated Entrances


Click the image to make Lukkage roll on you and flip her hair fabulously.

Weird because the scene just before that was noticeably low-budget quality.


Amy has recovered from her depression and is back to being all smiles.

Ledo discovers that is indeed Kugel on the other fleet when he contacts him.

Pinion fires a warning shot with his laser cannon. They fire back to his surprise.

Ledo flies to the other fleet to meet Kugel.

Ledo observes the cult-like organization boarding the fleet.

One of them takes Ledo to a dining room. There, a hologram of Kugel tells him how he wants to put an end to the war between the demons and humans by way of non-violent means. Kugel tells Ledo “Be mine, Hero!” but Ledo refuses. Also, his horns were fake.

Kugel tells Ledo that he can’t meet him in person because of an illness forcing him to stay in his cockpit. Chamber confirms the details of Kugel’s conditions from Kugel’s Machine Caliber, Striker.

Meanwhile, Flange receives a message that the nearby fleet wants them to send a representative, but they specifically want Pinion.

Pinion gets picked up and transported by…the lesbian pirate queen?!

Ledo tells Kugel about the fact that the Hideauze are also fundamentally human. Kugel reveals that the higher-ups of the Galactic Alliance knew all along but they continue to fight since they believe that the Hideauze have lost their sense of humanity.

Pinion is brought in to a meeting room. There, he sees a cube and fiddles with it out of having nothing better to do.

The cube can actually talk. Cube-y tells Pinion that his technical proficiency is just what Cube-y needs.

Cube-y was actually a communication device from Striker. Striker offers Pinion blueprints to the lost technology in exchange for his work.

Pinion agrees to the deal and is ordered to announce the alliance between Flange and Kugel’s fleet.

Flange accepts the merge but is told that everyone in his fleet will be reassigned to where they can be most efficient to the community.

Lukkage brings Pinion to his assigned quarters. She tells him that in this society, there is no such thing as money. Everyone is fairly compensated with rations according to their line of work.

Pinion notices some weird cult ceremony going on.

Ledo gets Chamber to examine him (Supressing…urge to have…wierd…Yaoi fantasies! Superession…failing!) and comments on how it must be tough for Kugel to stay cramped up like that. Chamber figures that he doesn’t reveal himself to keep his image amongst the people of his fleet.

Ledo: Ch-chamber-san, P-please have a look at my body!
Chamber: Analysis complete. Ledo-senpai, you are perfect…
Ledo: Ah, Chamber-san~

Lukkage returns to her ship. She comments on how boring things have been lately.

Ledo receives an order from Kugel. He wants Ledo to help him by doing something that will send a message to the rest of the human race.

He wants Ledo to attack Gargantia….Well shit.


A pretty good episode though there were a few things that didn’t right with me. As usual, this episode comes with a lot of plot development and it’s mostly brought out in dialogue. Now, there was no problem with the plot details itself. The way the script went made it easy to follow and understand. The problem is with the uninspired presentation. There was nothing but a bunch of people talking while all this information was being relayed. There was no effort to keep the show visually interesting. They could have done something like the episode back then with the series of spine-chilling videos about the Hideauze. THAT was awesome. It kept you engrossed in everything you were taking in. A bunch of talking heads doesn’t. Then there’s also the matter of not one, but two characters returning. I did complain before about how Kugel and Lukkage stood out yet never had any significant role in the early episodes, and I find this now to be an opportunity for the writers to flesh them out. I did wish they handled their returns better. Maybe go into a little explanation on how they got to where they are. As it is, it feels like these two characters were brought back for no other reason other than catching people by surprise. I want to know how Kugel survived the Hideauze onslaught or how Lukkage and her entire fleet ended up joining these cultists. Speaking of the cultists, I find that their existence lacks logical justification. If I assume that Kugel ended up on Earth around the same time as Ledo, then I find it hard to believe how he managed to mold this society into this creepy bunch of hiveminds. Maybe it’s still too early for me to be calling this a fault on the writings behalf, but if they go into explaining this (and they should) it better be a damn good explanation. For now, I’m skeptical. But hey, there were some nuggets of awesomeness in the writing for this episode. I liked how Lukkage hinted at doing something awesome in the future, whether it helps or harms our main characters. I knew she would be more than just another member of that hivemind and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll do (Don’t disappoint, Lukkage!). Finally, the last scene was absolutely mind-blowing. It’s not the fact that Ledo has to attack Gargantia, it’s that the entire scene mirrored the same scene in the first episode. Ledo wakes up to Kugel giving him orders. There are some pretty deep implications this. Ledo is caught in the same situation he was in before only this time, he’s pointing his gun at humans. I could go on, but I’ve already surpassed 900 words XP

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One thought on “Suisei no Gargantia 11 – Overly Animated Entrances

  1. Artemis

    I agree that this felt like a particularly weak episode – which doesn’t make it terrible and I still enjoyed it, but for me it was probably one of the worst of the series. As you pointed out, too much dialogue to forward the plot, and in general simply not especially inspired. Still, with only two episodes to go I can’t help but still feel excited about how everything will pan out. (Specifically, I’m expecting at least one character death and some kind of unpredictable resolution to the whole affair, although whether that resolution will be uplifting or depressing as hell is up for debate.)


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