Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 11 – Muneakira Actually Does Something

And it just took 1 and 11/12ths seasons to do it!


The girls attempt to transfer their ki to Muneakira.

Short flashback to Yukimura warning everyone about the risks of trying to create a Samurai Bride.

The seal on Muneakira’s arms prevent him from taking any more ki.

Meanwhile, Mataemon thinks she’s discovered the location of the Guardian stone.

Kojiro appears behind her to offer her support and point out that Mataemon is looking at an obvious trap.

Meanwhile, Inshun appears before Musashi to give her a charm that will release Muneakira. Then she disappears again.

Kojiro tells Mataemon about how each of the Dark Samurai were revived with a disability. Kojiro was initially blind, Mataemon had no limbs, Musashi had sensitive hearing and Inshun was mute.

They finally reach the Guardian Stone and attack all the guards around it.

Word of the breach reaches Yoshihiko. Nia moves out to stop the Dark Samurai.

Musashi finally arrives for the duel.

Mataemon and Kojiro finally reach the Guardian Stone and strike at it.

This allows evil ki to enter through the barrier.

Musashi and Jubei continue their duel while the others move to stop the Dark Samurai.

Inshun appears to stop Mataemon and Kojiro.

Musashi starts getting possessed by the evil spirit.

Nia and Gisen also appear to stop Mataemon and Kojiro.

Muneakira is unable to do anything with the seals on his hands.

Keiji appears out of nowhere to tell Muneakira to use his ki to break his seal. Translation: DO the Kamehameha.

The evil spirits with Inshun and the other Dark Samurai possessed combine to form one giant entity. We have our FINAL BOSS!

It easily defeats all the other Master Samurai.

Now it’s up to Jubei to save the day!


Well, as the pre-final battle episode, I think this episode managed to do what it had to do. It built up the conflict to its high point and gave us a final boss. I am actually liking the situation here as far as boss battles go. Your allies defeated, the city in a state of calamity, your friend held captive by this giant evil monster, the fate of an entire nation lies soley on you, your incompetent boyfriend and your lesbian friend who suddenly came back after doing a dine-and-dash on you. You can’t ask for much more for this boss fight. Of course, there were a few bumps on the road leading up to this boss fight. I think the motives of each Dark Samurai could have been fleshed out a little more. Especially Inshun. I assume that Kojiro sided with Mataemon to spite Musashi being so obsessed with her duel. Mataemon is just that easy-going type who doesn’t mind destroying Japan for teh lulz. Musashi of course is looking for somebody to provide her with a decent challenge. Inshun, on the other hand, seemed to be against the destruction of the Guardian Stone for the sole reason of protecting Jubei. It’s weird. If she wanted to side with them, why did she go solo? Did she fear that the others wouldn’t accept her? See, this is the problem with characters who don’t talk. Then of course, there’s Gisen suddenly gaining her magic eye powers. She spent most of her time on-screen as a background character with little clips of her brooding here and there. I’m guessing that she’s been secretly training. Still, could have used more time actually showing Gisen getting involved with something. Finally, there’s Keiji returning out of nowhere and telling Muneakira how to break the seal on him. Blatant Deus Ex Machina right there, folks. Okay, so despite all the little things I pointed out, I’m quite confident that this show can pull out a satisfying boss battle. Last season’s was pretty good and I do believe the stakes are higher this time around. So yeah, stick around for the finale of Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride!

Public Service Announcement: I’ll be posting the photos I took from the 12th annual Philippine Toy Convention on the Facebook page soon.

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