Suisei no Gargantia 10 – People Marvelling at a Pile of Garbage

Referring to the scrap metal Flange was gawking at in the episode, not Suisei no Gargantia itself. Don’t kill me.


Ledo and Chamber return from the whalesquid nest.

While everyone is rejoicing, Ledo is very shaken by what he just experienced.

Mayta shows Pinion all the lost technology they’ll be hauling in.

Meanwhile, Ledo is still very shaken by everything he experienced.

Ledo and Flange get into an argument about how they’ll use their salvaged materials. FLange wants to use them to make improvements to their civilization while PinionĀ  wants to use it to get rich.

Pinion sends out an open message via radio boasting about destroying the whalesquids and challenging anyone to try and take their loot. The Gargantia crew are among those who picked up his message.

Flange recieves a letter from Melty who asks him if they’ll be alright after what Pinion just did. Flange answers that everything in uncertain.

Ledo dreams about a harem of Chambers.

Pinion tries to get Ledo to do some work but he outright refuses him.

Meanwhile, everyone in Gargantia is depressed.

Pirates attack Flange’s fleet. Pinion orders the men to use the new cannon they salvaged and repaired.

The massive blast causes the opposing crew to surrender. Pinion forces them to join his crew.

Pinion tries to approach Ledo once more.

He brings Ledo out and Ledo gets surprised that people are actually partying.

Pinion gets Chamber to scan an old cannon they picked up. Chamber tells him that the cannon is far more powerful than any technology Pinion’s civilization currently has.

Ledo learns from Chamber that the light bugs who form the sea galaxies are actually little particles used to build Hideauze, exoskeletons.

Ledo gets into an argument with Chamber about whether or not the Hideauze really are the enemy considering that they are made by man and are man themselves. Chamber tells him that through his own analysis, he believes it is justified to fight the Hideauze as they have diverged from humanity and chose to follow a path of survival contradictory to that of the human Galactic Alliance.

While Chamber goes on, a cult-like fleet brandishing whalesquid corpses approaches Flange’s fleet.

Chamber also identifies another mech like him, Ledo recognizes it as Kugel’s personal machine caliber.


Well, I guess this was a fairly understandable response to the last episode. This showcased the aftermath of the previous episode’s actions. Ledo had his Jimmies rustled and Pinion got over excited and became a massive dick. I wrongly predicted that this episode would be focused on Amy, by the way. Actually, a lot of the episode was focused on Pinion and his slow descent into corruption. The Pinion that we see in this episode is a far cry from the laid back guy we met in the first few episodes. This one is arrogant and greedy and it shows. I’m quite intrigued by his character and I’m very much interested in how things will turn out for him. Is he going to end up a villain or can he still change? I’d honestly prefer the latter. It would be epic to see him do something heroic (and maybe die for it ala Kamina) after all he’s been through. It’s also interesting to note that Melty is showing more independence as a character over always being paire with Saaya and Amy. I was almost certain the show would have casted her aside until she probably needed to die a classic Urobuchi death. Nope, she’s still around and she does show believable emotions about the things going on around her. On the other hand, Amy has done absolutely nothing but mope around with Saaya always beside her attempting to cheer her up with no effort. Kinda happy I wrongly predicted this episode being about her if that’s what she’ll be doing the whole time. Now, I did like the plot twist cliffhanger at the end of the episode, but I feel that it was overshadowed by Chamber’s epic infodump. After all the information we took in from Chamber’s lines, paired with some really fitting music, the whole part at the end didn’t live up to the impact of the scene that came before it. It was still a big deal, it’s just that everything Chamber said felt bigger. Still, it got me interested to find out what happens in the next episode.

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2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 10 – People Marvelling at a Pile of Garbage

  1. Artemis

    Definitely a big downward slide as far as Pinion goes – even a few of the people that were happy to go along with him now seem to be questioning their choice. The problem isn’t that he’s not smart, it’s that he’s thoughtless (and also completely lacking in subtlety). If I were a betting woman, I’d be tempted to wager quite a bit on Pinion being killed off at some point. We haven’t had any character deaths so far, discounting nameless pirates and such, but I have the feeling we’ll eventually get at least one by the time the series ends.


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