Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 10 – Sony Wins.


Click it. This was pretty much how everyone reacted to the PS4’s price tag.

Yep, been procrastinating on this post because I was watching all the E3 conferences.


Kojiro confronts the evil spirit possessing Mataemon.

Meanwhile, the supporting characters are left in the dojo while the actually important people are away.

They’re at Yoshihiko’s place as he explains the situation of the Guardian Stone.

Great Japan is like a person. It has ki flowing through it and the Guardian Stone serves as the heart of Japan.

Yoshihiko has built several barriers to protect the Guardian Stone that’s right under the castle.

Unfortunately, that barrier was broken during Jubei’s epic fight with Gisen.

Because of that, evil spirits were able to enter through the broken barrier and revive the Dark Samurai. Yoshihiko tried to send Nia after them but she was overpowered.

It is revealed that Mataemon was revived because she was the most incomplete of the Dark Samurai so possessing her would have been easy.

Meanwhile, Inshun was summoned as a spirit medium.

Yukimura strikes a deal with Yoshihiko. They will fight the Dark Samurai in exchange for information about the Samurai Bride.

Mataemon actually likes her current state and sets out to do what she was revived for.

Yukimura locks herself up to read through all the books Yoshihiko provided her with.

Meanwhile, Hanzo is caught daydreaming about becoming a Samurai Bride.

Gisen thinks Jubei has the wrong idea about the power of a Samurai Bride.

Muneakira tries to wield a sword but the seal Inshun put on him is still in effect.

Cue a montage of characters doing random things.

Yukimura finally discovers the secret of the Samurai Bride. She gathers everyone to tell them about it. A Samurai Bride is created when a General has seven Master Samurai. One of them will absorb all their ki and ascend to a new level of power.


That’s it. Sony has won. Microsoft pretty much threw the fight in the first place. I mean, 399 dollars on launch, no online requirements, COMPLETE ownership of games we’ll buy, Media services such as Netflix and PPV streams (probably WWE is included. A big YEEEEESSS for me!), support for indie game developers, and the focus on social media actually looks useful! Eat it, Microsoft! Eat it with your stupid online check-in requirements, anti-secondhand ownership policies, and mandatory Kinect 2! Anyway, guess I should be talking about Hyakka Ryouran now. This episode wasn’t incredibly boring or anything, it just lacked a lot of action. Most of it was spent on Yoshihiko explaining things, either that or it was the evil spirit talking to Kojiro. Speaking of Kojiro, it seems she’s jumping off the Bad Guy Bandwagon as well which leaves us with…Mataemon. It’s really hard to believe that this badass group of four has broken down into one and I’m supposed to expect that she’ll serve as a big enough threat for out protagonists. She got beat by Kanetsugu for Pete (whoever Pete is)’s sake. Sure, she has all those evil spirits backing her but it’s going to take something big to really pull out a big boss fight with just her. Sure, back in the first season, it was everyone versus Gisen but she almost destroyed the city before even fighting Jubei. Something on that level should happen with Mataemon and the evil spirits (That sounds like a rock band name). Now the big question is where do Musashi, Kojiro and Inshun go from here. I do believe Musashi will still have her big fight and this is stretching it but I predict all three of them will try to stop the evil spirits. One of my gripes from watching this episode was time management. It was obvious that the studio was really trying to stretch their content to fit twenty minutes. We have a lot of slow-moving frames and then there was the pointless montage of characters doing random things just to fill in some time. Honestly, they could have spent that time putting focus on Gisen or Inshun as they still have their own problems that they need to resolve. Also, I felt that the topic of the Samurai Bride was just brought up out of the blue. I’m sure it was in the back of all their minds but there should have been a few scenes or some lines in the dialogue making a bridge between the characters’ current predicament and the need to know more about the Samurai Bride. Ah well…

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