Red Data Girl 10 – Snooping Suzuhara


She knows what you do in the dark…


Mayura finds Izumiko crying in the middle of the night because she fears losing herself.

Day 2 of the festival. The student council will be roaming around making sure everything is okay.

In Izumiko’s class’ stall, her classmates are making a big deal of how she styled her hair for the day.

Izumiko learns that a class decided to hold betting games on which class will have the best stall. Mayura and Takayanagi’s class is currently leading.

Izumiko gets stopped by a bunch of middle schoolers asking her to be their princess for the parade.

Miyuki appears and tells the girls off.

Miyuki and Izumiko get into another argument about what transpired when the Himegami took over Izumiko’s body.

Their conversation is interrupted when Miyuki can’t help but laugh after a baby pulls on Izumiko’s hat revealing her hair buns.

Miyuki asks Izumiko if she’s ever considered the possibility that she and the HImegami are one and the same.

The student council have a mid-day meeting. Two guys report that there have been quite a number of girls sent to the infirmary after going through a horror house booth. Miyuki volunteers to check it out.

Miyuki and Izumiko visit the horror house booth. Miyuki leaves Izumiko in line while he goes on ahead. Two guys approach Izumiko asking for a picture, Izumiko finds them suspicious and runs away.

She ends up inside the horror house and falls into another hallucination with real ghosts.

Miyuki pulls her out of the booth. He brings Izumiko to the infirmary just to be safe.

They find out why so many girls have ended up there: Yukimasa.

As usual, Yukimasa continues to be a dick towards his own son.

Miyuki leaves having put up with Yukimasa for too long but Izumiko follows after him.

Festival comittee director Hayakawa gets called out over the popularity contest he’s been holding behind Kisaragi’s back.

Mayura gets called to the P.A. room where the middle schoolers publicly ask her to be their general for the war games the next day.

It turns out, Hayakawa was in support of Mayura and wanted her to hold a high position for the war games as Takayanagi is leading the opposing army.

Masumi makes a brief appearance in front of Izumiko.

The two talk about what it means to love and Masumi figures that he’s stalking his siblings out of love. Then he disappears.

It’s that hat from episode 2!


Red Data Girl really is getting better and better as the series goes. I quite enjoyed this episode. It had a few moments that really made me smile out of amusement. The serious aspect of the show felt just right too. Little conversations and thought sequences kept this episode relevant while still pursuing the charms of a school festival. This time, the music actually fit the show. It was more subtle, yet more effective than last episode’s Lucky Star-esque soundtrack. Now on to more pressing matters, I fear that this show is going to end with A LOT of unanswered questions. So much, I had to bold, underline and italicize “a lot”. We are at episode 10. My Anime List lists RDG as a 12 episode anime. Surely, I’m not the only one who doubts that Red Data Girl can conclusively end with just 2 episodes left. Especially considering where we are now with the story. We are in the middle of a power struggle between Mayura and Takayanagi and it really has very little to do with the mysteries behind the Himegami. Sure, those camera guys are probably part of Takayanagi’s evil schemes but I don’t think that this will reveal the truth of the Himegami in its entirety. What’s more, we have yet to see anything in the show that actually refers to the show’s title, “Red Data Girl”. I really hope that My Anime List is wrong about this being 12 episodes. I don’t want the show to be pulling things out of its ass just to fit in an ending. This show still needs more build up, more time to progress and develop its plot. One last thing I have to point out, again, the hat! That really is the hat from episode 2! I know it’s just a minor detail but it’s still amusing how this hat made an unexpected 2nd appearance! Very few anime pay attention to detail like this!

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