Let’s Look at Shining Blade’s Altina by Kotobukiya and Her Weird Grass Base.


Heh. At least you don’t have to water it regularly.


So this is one of my hauls from my short vacation at Singapore. Another Kotobukiya figure from the Shining game series with character designs by Tony Taka. Now when pictures of her first showed up on the web, I wasn’t really impressed by what I saw. I don’t know, her pose was simple, her face was typical Tony Taka. What convinced me to buy her was that she came cheap. 100 Singapore Dollars so that comes to around 3400 Philippine Pesos. Then there’s the 7% GST refund which put her at about 3200 pesos. Good deal considering she costs around 4000 pesos in local stores. The other thing that pulled the cash out of my wallet was the “unique” grass base she had going. Anyway, on to the review, as I said, she has the typical Tony Taka face. That’s not bad, mind you. Tony draws beautiful faces, and this is made even more beautiful with the bright smile she wears.


I’d hate to point out a poor design choice early on in this review, but it’s right there on her head where I usually start these reviews. You’ll notice that the hair on her side runs horizontally while her bangs obviously fall vertically. There is very little transition on her hair so it looks like her side hair just gets cut off by her bangs. The flow of her long hair and thin pigtails is nice though. Gives the impression of wind blowing on her.


One thing I really like about this figure is the shape of her body. It’s flawless! She’s not too slender and not too plump, her breasts are of a respectable size, not too small nor too big and her legs are long yet not scrawny. She has a developed and yet youthful look on her.


One thing worth pointing out is that she has no painted on shading whatsoever. Whatever shading is seen from my photos come from natural lighting. While it’s not too much of a bad thing, there will be angles where her armpits will simply look like smooth surfaces of skin as opposed, to say Saber Lily who has godly armpits.


Compare that to Saber Lily Gift Ver. bellow.


There is some good detail on her breasts and abdomen though.


Side view. Her paint job is decent enough. I’d go on and say 99.9% of her paint is where it’s supposed to be.


One big part of the figure is obviously her long bow. Unlike most of my experiences with figures holding weapons, attaching the bow on her was not at all frustrating. It just fit iin smoothly.


I do love how her bow even has a bowstring even though it’s barely visible. It just shows how Kotobukiya works to add even the tiniest details on their figures.


Her frilly miniskirt offers a nice contrast to her mostly straight, foldless attire.


Now, I’ve always firmly believed that bare legs is best legs but  I do see the appeal of thigh highs. Though in this case, I find her long socks absolutely pointless as she’s already wearing long boots plus those socks blend with her skin too well.


Now on to her infamous grass base. This thing has been nothing but trouble. One, it looks weird. The figure has a consistent blue and white color palette and then suddenly there’s this patch of green. Also, the grass feels like the same thing they use on putting mats. Finally, it’s just barely glued on to the base and will come off with the lightest scratch.


On to her back. The best thing from this angle has to be her flowing hair.


A closer look at the awkward intersection of her hair.


That symbol on her back looks waaay too much like weed.


So there you have it. My final thoughts on the figure: She’s definitely not one of the best Kotobukiya Shining games figures but she’s decent. The sculpt and the paint suffice from a good distance but start to show some faults up close. Her pose is safe but big. She takes a decent amount of space with her arms outstretched. This makes her more eye-catching. Her design is also pretty good, though Tony Taka  has crafted hundreds of better designs before. The possible deal breaker of this figure is her grass base. I didn’t like it, didn’t like having to be extra careful around it. I would have much prefered a plain white base over this. Overall, a decent figure. The quality of her sculpt, paint and design will do for her reasonable price. The grass base, again, is going to be a factor on whether or not you’ll want to buy this. Altina’s not exactly a must-get but she makes a nice addition to my collection.



Side by side with Kaguya, one of my other Kotobukiya figures.


The obligatory Woody photo. Woody seems to agree that Altina has a perfect waist indeed.


Finally, here’s what her grass base looks like now. I had to mow the lawn because part of it came off as I was wiping her base clean so I decided to remove everything as well.


That’s all folks. Fore more figure related good stuff, go Like the Facebook page!

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