Suisei no Gargantia 9 – Heart of the Swarm

Science, what have you done?!


Ledo plays Dynasty Warriors with the whalesquids.

Pinion remembers his last moments with his big brother.

He remembers how he accidentally entered a whalesquid nest and got killed by the swarm.

Ledo starts using explosives to deal massive damage.

The crew on the ship support him by dropping explosive barrels.

Ledo annihilates most of the whalesquids and enters their nest.

He runs into a giant whalesquid but manages to defeat it.

Melty and the others lose track of Ledo as he’s deep inside the nest.

There, Ledo finds infant whalesquids whose shape vaguely bear resemblance to human infants.

Ledo finds storage devices containing information.

Chamber tells him that the data is locked by the Galactic Human Alliance. Ledo overrides their authority and orders Chamber to load the data.

A video plays of a man being interviewed about some organization’s plans for space migration.

There have been some protest against the Continental Union and “Evolvers” for their practices in science and research.

They did begin construction of space colonies.

They also bioengineered symbiotic space suits to adapt to the conditions in space and they resemble the Hideauze.

The tension escalates when it is revealed that the Continental Union created a wormhole generator which they’ll use for themselves only.

Ledo discovers a humanoid Hideauze but Chamber kills it without his permission.

Amy finds Bebel playing on Ledo’s flute and she starts crying.


Wow. This episode was absolutely amazing. The first half pulled its own weight being decently animated and having a short flashback of Pinion that did enough to explain his motivations. It didn’t drag on for too long nor was it too short that it left some questions behind. The second half was what really blew my mind. Ledo enters that nest and engages with this giant whalesquid with bumps on its head that you’d figure to be eggs. He goes deeper and discovers Hideauze infants which was a haunting discovery even for Ledo. You could see the look on his face, a mixture of confusion and shock. That scene was even more haunting with how one floats by Chamber and Ledo could clearly see the shape of a human infant. And they cried. Like infants. Oh God. The crying. Finally, the highlight of this episode and the most impactful scene Suisei no Gargantia has had so far, that sequence of videos regarding the origins of the Hideauze. The music for this scene was absolutely brilliant too. It really amplified the impact and suspense of this part. It starts off normally enough, with people optimistic for their plans for the future which could save them. Then it gets scarier and scarier with scenes of protest, human experimentation, dispute between humans and then that scene with the swarm of Evolvers. That last scene shown with the humanoid Hideauze makes me think that the symbiotic suits that these scientists created may have permanently enveloped its human host creating that hybrid being. What kind of took away from that scene though was that mere seconds after seeing that humanoid Hideauze on screen, it appears right in front of them. Really. How convenient. I get that they wanted to show how traumatized Ledo was after what he saw but that thing basically went “O hai” and Chamber was like “I’mma keel you now!” Maybe instead they could have had a humanoid Hideauze corpse float by Ledo like with the infant Hideauze. Then there was the scene with Amy just breaking down into tears. There was no subtlety with that scene at all. It also stuck out as the entire episode save for that scene focused on Ledo and the Hideauze. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Amy but her part here really is just out-of-place. It’s like eating a bag full of bubble gum flavored jelly beans and then you suddenly end up eating a caramel flavored one. It’s taste is too different and leaves a weird sensation on your tongue. In the same way, that was an emotional scene in an episode that was shocking plot wise rather than emotionally dramatic. Anyway, this episode generated a lot of questions and has really caught my interest for this show as if the show didn’t have my interest already. There’s so much speculation to be made after everything that’s been revealed. It’ll be interesting to see how the show can keep with this momentum what with the next episode looking like it’s focused on Amy and all. This can prove to make or break the show. What it has to do now is to make us, the viewers, care for Amy as much as we’d care for what’s going on with the Hideauze.

2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 9 – Heart of the Swarm

  1. Tyjos Azari

    VERY Good Episode, Looking forward to the next one even more especially after what happened in this one.

  2. Artemis

    This episode felt really full on after the last several, where plot took a back seat to the slice-of-life material, but as a whole I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel rushed, and the twist with the Hideauze made sense without being entirely predictable, which I respect a lot.
    On a slightly random note, the scene where Ledo desperately screams at Chamber not to kill that final Hideauze after he sees the film footage reminded me very sharply of the scene in Evangelion where Shinji is made to go on a rampage when control of his Eva unit is taken from him. It made me wonder precisely how much control Ledo has over Chamber, and whether or not Chamber is ‘aware’ of more than what he communicates to Ledo.


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