Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 9 – KanetsuGIF

ForGIF me for the bad GIF puns.


Mataemon wakes up not realizing she has been possessed.

Meanwhile, Yoshihiko does in fact exist in this sequel and he’s been working on putting up a protective barrier over all of Great Japan.

Jubei insists that Inshun is innocent and runs away with Sasuke to find her.

Hanzo and Matabei have another failed attempt at kiss training.

Kanetsugu shows up to teach them but ends up getting bear hugged to death by Matabei.

Jubei runs into Musashi while looking for Inshun.

She tells Musashi about the slasher and Musashi says she’ll confront Inshun about it because attacking people at night is dishonorable even for the Dark Samurai.

Kojiro witnesses Mataemon get possessed by the evil tentacle monster spirit.

Musashi finds Inshun at a rooftop. Inshun remains silent throughout Musashi’s questions prompting Musashi to attack her.

Hanzo and Matabei report the Dark Samurai and the group minus Gisen for whatever reason roll out.

Meanwhile, Kojiro is secretly following the tentacle spirit as it searches for the Guardian Stone.

Hanzo senses the presence of the tentacle monster after the group as split.

Sen and Hanzo get caught.

Sen is forced to remember a memory where she overhears her brother talking about the Guardian Stone.

Matabei gets Muneakira to kiss her and turn her into a Master Samuai.

She manages to save Hanzo but Sen remains trapped.

Hanzo also kisses Muneakira and becomes a Master Samurai. She works with Matabei to defeat the monster and free Sen.

Inshun escapes Musashi when Musashi gets distracted by the spirit’s evil aura.

Mataemon returns to normal, not remembering anything and Kojiro escapes with her from the Master Samurai.

The group try to analyze their situation. Gisen believes that the Dark Samurai are only using the duel with Jubei as an excuse to stick around while they look for the Guardian Stone to destroy it and in effect, destroy Japan.


Well this episode didn’t go the way I expected it to. I was hoping to see a lot more of Inshun and get to know where her allegiance lies. Instead, she gets like two minutes of screen time and just disappears after fighting Musashi. This could mean that she’s probably kicked out of Team Bad Guy. Actually, Team Bad Guy’s situation is more complicated with what our protagonists have. Not only is Inshun’s loyalty questionable, but we also have Mataemon who has an uncontrollable spirit harming her and as shown by her attack on Kojiro, this could do the group a lot of harm. I guess the seeds of dissension here were planted when Musashi kept casually visiting the maid cafe which irritated Kojiro. Up until now, she remains quite friendly with the airheaded Jubei. Man, Kojiro sure has a lot to deal with. The way I see it now, that fight with badass Jubei isn’t gonna happen, not straight up at least. That tentacle monster is probably going to find the Guardian Stone and a possessed Mataemon is going to end up the final boss. I also expect to see Inshun make a grand save. On the other side of the story, seems everyone in the protaginist group is a Master Samurai (Gisen technically still is). This is sort of a bigger hint that Master Samurai vs Dark Samurai isn’t going to happen straight up. Hell, I expect both sides to end up working together ala Senran Kagura. Now, my sole gripe with this episode is the terrible communication between characters. Jubei doesn’t believe that Inshun is controlling the tentacle spirit. She encourages Musashi to play Bad Cop with Inshun anyway. Inshun says nothing at all. Made worse when we know that she is actually fighting the slasher. I really don’t get why Inshun didn’t just explain herself. She could have avoided a poorly animated fight. I know, it would be contradictory to her silent and mysterious character but seriously. How hard is it to point at someone else. I mean, it’s entirely possible she knew that Mataemon had that evil spirit within her as she had exorcised it before. We’ll just have to wait and see the next episode to see how these things will be explained or if they’ll be explained at all. What bothers me about all this is that it wasn’t a sudden appearance of plot, that evil spirit existed in earlier episodes but there was sort of a skip to this episode when it finally became relevant again. They could have spent a couple minutes every other episode to show that this thing is getting more and more dangerous.

I still wonder why Facebook doesn’t support GIFs. The Facebook page would be a lot more interesting if it did.

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