Let’s Look at this Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Figure by Sega!

IMG_0627I still wait for the day the game series gets an official English localisation…Now on to the figure review!


So at this point, I don’t I need to introduce Miku anymore. She’s had quite the incredible rise to popularity over the years and there have been hundred of figures and other merchandise made in her image. This is just one of those scale figures and it was manufactured by Sega as a prize figure. It was based on an illustration for the game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA done by KEI, the artist who designed Miku which you can see on her box and the picture bellow.

IMG_0613Now what I like about this figure is that her body and facial design is much like her Project DIVA model while maintaining the pose of the art done by KEI. The details are pretty good too. The printed details are sharp and the paint job is good. Her shiny clothes and hair make her feel more valuable for her relatively cheap price.

IMG_0612One thing that’s not too great is that there are a couple of these half-circle bumps on her hair made from soft plastic. Sure wish the manufacturers would have taken a little more effort to smoothen out these parts.

IMG_0616It’s her standard design. Nothing special but its her iconic look and it works well on this figure.

IMG_0617The paint job is really good for a prize figure. I can’t find a single bad spot on her. Even her colored finger nails were done to perfection.


Her iconic Zettai Ryouki. The small yellow details on her skirt are there and even the little ridges on her long boots.

IMG_0620Her base is fine. It’s square so it’s easy to know where her front side is. It looks like frosted glass so it gives a little more than the generic plain black or plain white base. I also think her logo there stands out well enough.

IMG_0621How her pigtails are inserted to holes to the base doesn’t seem too appealing to me but I guess it’s for balance. Still, I do believe that there have been other Miku figures that had her hair in a similar position and they didn’t need any extra support.

IMG_0622View of her back. The waves of her hair don’t look all that convincing but it’s better than just leaving them undetailed and looking like two lumps sprouting off her head. The creases on her clothes as she twists, however, are pretty well done.

IMG_0623I’m guessing her pose is that of her while in the middle of a dance move. Fair enough. Better than her just standing there. Still, she looks like she could be dribbling so I wanna put a basketball on her left hand. I imagine her giant pigtails hitting people as she moves will cause her a lot of fouls.

IMG_0624So that’s it. Pretty simple figure, pretty simple review. She’s nice, with a reasonable price quite lower than the standard figure that can go from 7000 to 10000 yen. My Figure Collection lists her price at 1200 yen if you can believe it! Final verdict: Okay figure. Good enough paint job but could do better on the sculpt, especially the hair. She’s not a must-have figure but she’d make a decent addition to fill some space on a display cabinet. And now, I leave you with the obligatory Woody picture.

IMG_0629If ya got any comments or questions feel free to use the comment section below or message me on the Facebook page.

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