Red Data Girl 9 – Racial and Gender Preferencing

Takayanagi just traded in his black dude for a white chick? Not cool bro.


The student council discuss their plans for the school festival.

A member of the festival interrupts to ask the council to lend him two models for the Sengoku era themed show.

Izumiko reads up on the Sengoku era when Takayanagi approaches her.

After inviting Izumiko to join him in ruling the galaxy, Takayanagi gets called by a blonde girl unfamiliar to Izumiko.

Izumiko suddenly finds herself in a hallucination after Takayanagi leaves.

She wakes up in the infirmary with Yukimasa watching over her, because apparently he has a medical license as well as being a monk/teacher/sexy man.

During the preparations for the festival, Miyuki calls Izumiko to warn her not to do anything stupid.

She also shows Izumiko a self-defense chant used in various disciplines like ninjitsu.

Izumiko runs into Hodaka in disguise who’s there as a judge.

Izumiko ends up modeling as well since one of the models couldn’t make it to the show.

Miyuki’s jaw drops when he sees Izumiko with her braids undone standing on stage.

A photographer gets a picture of Izumiko.

Miyuki scolds Izumiko after the show.

Izumiko suddenly turns into the Himegami while retaining her outward appearance.

She forces Miyuki to take her around town while avoiding other students.

She brings Miyuki to an old shrine and reveals some major details about her existence.

She extracts Wamiya from Miyuki as well.

The Himegami proves to be too sultry for Miyuki and he loses his cool.

He suddenly holds on to the Himegami and yells at her to bring Izumiko back.


Well, I thought this was an okay episode. It was quite light for an episode of Red Data Girl. I guess if you’d compare RDG to Another, this would be that seemingly fun beach episode. Note “seemingly”. If you’ve watched Another you’d know what I’m talking about in regards to that beach episode. Back to RDG, this episode was almost like something out of a generic slice of life anime. It even had some really out-of-place ambient pop music in the background. Yes, I acknowledge the oxymoronic nature of the previous statement but really, the music sounded like something from Lucky Star. Anyway, it wasn’t completely devoid of RDG’s familiar ominous tone. The last part was good a conversation with a world ending divine entity as you can get. The music, the atmosphere and the substance of that dialogue was all perfect. That was about the only plot significant part of the episode. Other than that, most of the usual dialogue is the usual “Miyuki doesn’t trust Izumiko, doesn’t wanna serve her, but does it anyway.” The last part really brought out another side of Miyuki he rarely shows. On the other side of the conversation we have the Himegami who just really let loose in this episode. In the span of less than 5 minutes, the mystique of the Himegami was completely gone with the whole convenience store skit and then instantly brought back once they hit the shrine. What’s more, I totally got the vibes Miyuki was getting from her. Compared to the meek and introverted Izumiko, the Himegami is quite the vixen, she even had instant make up and permanent seductive gaze. Yet still maintaining Izumiko’s petite physique. Other thing to note is that the idea of changing Izumiko’s look is brought up again and once again, this change in appearance coincides with a development in personality. She’s becoming more independent as she wants to rely less on Miyuki and follow her own will. This plus Miyuki’s growing attachment to her could prove interesting. While Izumiko is much more likeable now than the sheltered and weak girl she was in the first episode, she still has those freak out moments where she starts seeing things and panics. These moments just really kill any development on her character and I want to see how she can grow to overcome these little panic attacks.

Black, white, man, woman…The Facebook page doesn’t judge. It loves everyone equally.

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