Suisei no Gargantia 8 – Inappropriate Funeral Wear

Jeez, Bellows. Couldn’t you at least put on some pants?


Fairlock dies and names Ridget as his successor.

Ledo learns that returning to Avalon is effectively impossible given Chamber’s research.

The elders gather for Fairlock’s funeral and talk about Ridget. Ridget arrives not to attend the funeral but discuss the matter of Flange’s departure. The other elders scold her for not showing respect.

Pinion convinces Ledo to join him and Flange.

Several people have already begun to move to Flange’s ship.

Flange explains that he is after the legacy of their civilization in hopes that they may find some use of it.

Amy’s friend Melty is apparently moving with her family to Flange’s new faction.

The people begin burying Fairlock in sand.

At night, Amy gets some motivation from Saaya about her feelings towards Ledo.

Meanwhile, Bellows provides Ridget with some advice about working alongside the people.

At home, Amy is brought to tears while cooking. No, she wasn’t cooking with onions.

Ridget looks out her window and finds some of the people returning to Gargantia.

Ledo tells Bebel that he’s doing what he does to protect them all in the long run. He leaves his flute with Bebel.

Ridget finally makes her way to the funeral to pay her respects.

She faces the people and gives a speech encouraging them to work together to continue the Gargantia that Fairlock and others before him envisioned. She’s met with a positive reaction.

The next day, Gargantia and Flange’s fleet finally go their separate ways.


I hate it when important people die in anime. Now, it has nothing to do with emotions. I can watch anime no matter how I feel. I mean, I marathoned Clannad, both seasons, for a week while I had school and I was so heart-broken and sleep deprived during it all but I finished it, and I looked like crap when I did. Back to my point, the reason why I hate it when key characters die is because of the usually dull and gloomy episode after. Everyone’s all sad and emotional and there’s just no life when someone’s dead. I mean, people aren’t lively when they’re in mourning, they have to be respectful. Gargantia was no exception. While it wasn’t like the entire episode was spent on giving tribute to Fairlock, who was mostly a behind-the-camera character. It did start of pretty slow. My initial impressions weren’t all that great and that slightly bitter taste stuck around until the end of the episode. What’s worse was that Amy, the life of this show, a walking, talking, air gliding personification of sunshine and happy things, was SAD and I couldn’t feel anything for her since I’m already thinking “What an uneventful episode…” My mind wasn’t in the dialogue but on the lack of activity. So, my bummed out impressions aside, what did this episode achieve? Well, it did make Flange a more respectable character. Sure, he looks like the cranky old neighbor everyone has but he showed that he was reasonable when he talked to Ridget and he actually sounded legitimately sad with Fairlock’s passing. He didn’t come off as the scheming bastard I thought he would be and I’m actually happy for that. On the other hand, Pinion is becoming more and more of a dick. The way he just nonchalantly talks to Ledo and Ridget without any hint of awareness on how the person he’s talking to is feeling. Seriously, when you get a new boss who’s already under a lot of pressure, the last thing a decent guy would do is remind that boss of what’s causing him all the stress. Bellows continues to be more than just grade A fanservice. She’s just so sincere and mature when she talks to people who aren’t named Pinion. She’d make a really good big sister, the type you would approach for any sort of advice and secretly spy on when she’s naked in the shower. Ledo’s also calmed down from his little soldier rage but I find his promises to be shallow. How he responded to Bebel asking him to return one day wasn’t exactly reassuring. Also, how he said he was fighting to protect Amy and the others just didn’t feel right since just last episode, this guy was willing to put all of Gargantia in harm’s way just to slaughter a school of migrating whalesquids. Finally, while they’re far from being deep and complex characters, Amy’s friends have shown that they’re more than just additional fanservice material, though at this point, they’re kinda like living plot tools. So far, they’re just there for the sake of the development of other characters. Also, I’m calling it now, Melty dies while aboard Flange’s fleet.

The Facebook page secretly spies on you when you’re naked in the shower.

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