Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 8 – Kamina Bird Spits on the Face of People Who Don’t Want to Be Cool

Another budget review on the waaaaay…


Yukimura and Matabei get attacked by an evil tentacle monster.

Inshun saves them by exorcising the monster from the shadows.

The next day, both Matabei and Hanzo contemplate on their need to get stronger to protect their masters.

The group devise a strategy to defeat the evil tentacle monster.

While training with Jubei, Sasuke chases some crows and ends up running into Inshun.

Jubei decides that she and Inshun should spend some girly girly happy fun time together.

Meanwhile, Kojiro and Musashi are on literal graveyard shift as Mataemon is also not with them for some reason.

Jubei takes Inshun to a temple where they draw some fortune readings.

Later, Jubei gives Inshun a bunch of charms as a gift.

During the night patrol, Hanzo tries to suggest the idea of becoming a Master samurai but she gets cut off.

Sen gets attacked by the tentacle monster.

Yukimura tries to come to her aid but can’t defeat the monster.

Inshun once again comes to their aid.

Everyone catches Inshun and assumes she was controlling the monster.


Well this episode was weird. First off, it served quite a lot of purposes as it was build-up for the inevitable Matabei and Hanzo episode. This was also the Inshun episode. While I do love me some stoic lolis, I just found it weird that she just tagged along with Jubei so easily. This is the same loli that bound Muneakira’s fighting ability. Though she’s not as violent as Mataemon or Musashi, she’s still part of Team Bad Guy. Is Jubei really that dense to just disregard that? It just really¬† seemed like the writers rushed for a reason to get Inshun some screentime at the expense of Jubei’s character being made to look like even more of an airhead. What came out of all this is the possibility of Inshun taking a neutral stand from the feud between the Dark Samurai and Muneakira’s girls or even having a change of heart and joining the good guys. Hopefully not though. Hear me out: Without her, there will be 3 Dark Samurai against 8 Samurai, 5 of whom are already Master Samurai, 1 (Gisen) might get her powers back and the other two are being built like they’re also going to reach Master Samurai Level. Going by the numbers, the Dark Samurai are at a disadvantage and I lose a lot of interest in fights when the antagonists aren’t coming off stronger or at least equal to the protagonists in their inevitable confrontation. Moving on, I actually liked all the focus on Matabei, her ass, and Hanzo. Their concerns are understandable and were actually explained in detail (in other words, infodumped). The foundations for Hanzo becoming a Master Samurai were set with that awkward interaction she had with Muneakira plus the preview sequence featuring her getting into fangirl mode over the next episode’s title. Then there’s hint of a Mataemon episode with her disappearance. That, or it was the writers’ lame excuse to write her off the episode. Hope that’s not the case. Mataemon doesn’t look like one of those characters with a lot of thought put into her but who knows. The writing hasn’t been as bad as¬† thought it would be before I watched the show so they might actually make a decent Mataemon episode.

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