Red Data Girl 8 – The Budget Review

I was on vacation at Singapore for a few days and missed RDG and Hyakka Ryouran when they aired. The summaries are gonna be shortened so I can catch up but I’ll do my best to really explain my thoughts on the show without cutting anything.


Mayura tells Izumiko that it was Masumi who spirited Manatsu away. Manatsu has the same heart condition that claimed Masumi so the two share some sort of bond she doesn’t have.

Izumiko asks Miyuki to ask the Himegami to help find Manatsu.

She lets her hair down to try to summon the Himegami but fails and ends up in another realm.

Masumi appears before Izumiko, after a little teasing, Masumi agrees to take Izumiko to see Manatsu.

Masumi brings Izumiko before I giant stone formation that seals another side of the realm where Manatsu is. Izumiko does a dance to undo the seal and free Manatsu.

Manatsu suddenly returns to his own body which Masumi possessed and warns Izumiko to stop or else she’ll free whatever danger is sealed in the rock formation.

The two manage to reuinite with Miyuki and Mayura.

Unfortunately ,the Kuzuryu (shades of Sasami-san here) is awakened and the group makes a run for it.

Izumiko trips. Miyuki spawns wings and rushes to Izumiko’s aid.

The Himegami suddenly appears and brings Kuzuryu back to his seal.

Izumiko asks if the Himegami can keep separate from Izumiko. Himegami tells Izumiko that she is still inexperienced and she needs to talk to her mother.

Yukariko, Izumiko’s mother, appears before them in the realm of the living. She tells Izumiko to grow stronger as she can’t always be there to protect her daughter.

Izumiko and Miyuki return to their home shrine for the rest of their vacation. Miyuki reveals that Wamiya came to him as a crow telling him to stay by Izumiko which explains how Miyuki sprouted wings. Also, Miyuki figures that Izumiko has the hots for guys like Wamiya and Takayanagi which prompts Izumiko to go “Eeeeehhh?!” to end the show.


Usual Red Data Girl fare with some more. It was confusing as always with Masumi actually being the pony that took Manatsu away, the details of Manatsu’s condition only coming to light now and suddenly, Kuzuryu. Then there’s Izumiko’s mom just suddenly being there. Really, it was as if she was a last minute addition because the writers couldn’t think of anything. Smart writing would give little clues about her presence without actually revealing her yet. She could have been showning following Izumiko in the shadows for even just a few seconds but no, not even a few seconds was given for that. Just a lot of stuff that suddenly came out and sort of boggled me. At the same time, though, a lot of things were answered as well. We know why Masumi looks like a whiter Manatsu and why Mayura is so obsessed with being on top. There was also Miyuki growing wings all of a sudden but that was explained as well. Wish the show did that more often: Prompt questions and get them answered within the same episode. This show is terrible with cliffhangers and yet it does this quite a lot. Finding out who that cool looking girl (who was actually Masumi) isn’t exactly a good catch to get people to watch the next episode. On the other hand, I find that this episode put a solid conclusion to this generally badly written arc. It closes the doors on the sibling drama with Mayura, Manatsu and Masumi while opening a little window to the next arc, showing Izumiko return to her home shrine after meeting her mother and Wamiya returning since this show has been quite lacking without that creep. Hopefully this arc turns out better than the one that just finished. Hopefully.

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