Suisei no Gargantia 7 – Attack on Tentacles

Surprisingly, no Hentai/Ecchi antics came out of having tentacle monsters as a major threat. Not yet, at least.


Ledo gets into rage mode after seeing a whale squid.

Bellows warns Ledo not to provoke the whalesquid but he doesn’t listen and the whalesquid attaks Bellow’s Yunboroid.

Ledo strangles the whalesquid, killing it. A major taboo for the people of Gargantia.

This causes controversy and the higher-ups decide on what to do with Ledo after he just murdered a sacred creature.

Ledo collects a sample of the whalesquid and asks Chamber to compare its composition with that of the HIdeauze.

Meanwhile, Captain Fairlock has Dr. Oldham check on his heart condition.

Unlike most, Pinion sees an opportunity with Ledo’s willingness to fight whalesquids and he tries to convince others that there’s money to be made from salvaging from whalesquid territory.

Ridget brings in Ledo and Bellows. Bellows tries to take responsibility saying it was her fault for now informing Ledo first. Ledo tells Ridget that it was his duty as a soldier to exterminate Hideauze.

Ridget is called up to meet with the other officials so she ends her interrogation early. Pinion calls the official named Flange and they talk in private.

Ledo asks for information about the whalesquids while staying with Amy and Bebel.

Amy tries to calm Ledo down but Ledo defiantly puts down any of her attempts to disregard his mission.

Pinion tries to get Bellows to join his salvage team headed for the whalesquid nest.

Bellows rejects his ideas and the two get into an argument.

Chamber finishes the analysis and reports that the whalesquids are 95% similar to the Hideauze.

Suddenly, the sea galaxies change course as a swarm of whalesquids heads towards Gargantia.

Fairlock orders the entire ship to shut down.

Amy tries to stop Ledo from doing anything rash.

Ridget arrives and suppresses Ledo at gunpoint.

The whalesquids pass without a disturbance.

Ledo tells Amy to back off and he vows that he will leave Gargantia if everyone’s going to get in the way of his mission.

In the next meeting, Pinion and Flange propose that they separate from Gargantia to take Ledo.

Fairlock gets a heart attack in the middle of the meeting.


So finally, the show gets back on track with its plot and I think it did a good job in this episode. All through out, Ledo was being the cold, hardened soldier he was at episode one, except instead of kidnapping teenage girls, he’s bearhugging squids. Jokes aside, there are so many ways the story can go on from here. Ledo may indeed separate from Gargantia and stick with Pinion and Flange or with Captain Fairlock having had a heart attack, Flange takes control and does things his way. In either case, I see a humans versus humans thing going on here. Back to the actual story of this episode, well it ran smoothly for the most part but I found that the parts with Pinion were a bit disconnected. Everyone was on edge except him. He was, for the most part, the same laid back and opportunistic guy he was, save for a few scenes. That sick smile he pulled after seeing Chamber covered in squid innards is another one of those gestures that make you think. Maybe he hates the whalesquids too? Maybe he lost his big brother to them? He has other reasons to go into whalesquid territory other than a salvaging opportunity. Then there’s Flange, whose motives are still pretty unclear to me. He’s obviously not one of the good guys and he’s not as neutral as Ridget but what does he get from going with Pinion and Ledo? Let’s not forget that he was one of those that opposed the idea of letting Ledo stay in the ship. What could Pinion have told him to see things his way? Now the highlight of the episode was obviously the scene with the whalesquids passing through Gargantia. That showed just how much the humans respected/feared the whalesquids. I’m gonna go on another guess here and say that they really are the Hideauze as Ledo claimed and perhaps years ago, they attacked the humans on earth and pushed back their civilization to where it is now: Stuck drifting the endless waters. However, unlike the humans of Avalon, Ledo’s home, that decided to fight back, the ones at Gargantia chose to live in fear and avoid them. Well, look at all these speculations that came out of just one episode. I might as well write a full article about my other predictions for this show.

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One thought on “Suisei no Gargantia 7 – Attack on Tentacles

  1. agr0n

    I’m under the belief that the Hideauze originated from Earth same as the humans and they moved and adapted to space life when the Earth froze over while some were left behind same as what happened to the humans. Once they hit space the humans probably saw the Hideauze and attacked them out of fear starting the war; on Earth, before it froze, they might not of even known about the whalesquids since the humans probably lived on land and had no reason to salvage the oceans for a living or they simply lived peacefully. On Earth they would hardly ever run into the whalesquids and therefore had no reason to attack.

    They are so lucky the whalesquids didn’t attack cause I’m pretty sure the fleet would of been destroyed and if enough of them attacked Chamber once he was int he water he would of Ledo would of died aswell.

    I’m pretty sure that if the Commander dies Ridget is next in line for command, but Flange will get the getgo to separate from the fleet with Pinion and Ledo.

    I’m really curious about what happened to Pinion’s brother I’m guessing he was killed while salvaging by a whalesquid (which he most likely provoked).


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