Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 7 – And Now, Naked Apron

I never saw much charm in this fetish. Too naked and not naked enough at the same time.


Keiji decides to throw a party.

Jubei decides to stay outside even if Keiji threw it for her.

Keiji shows the others a video of their transformations and points out how it’s much easier to release ki than to take it in. This is why she thinks getting Jubei to release her ki will get her back to normal.

Keiji trains the girls on how to control their ki under the condition that they wear aprons, and just aprons.

Kanetsugu tries to disrupt their training and fails.

Next they train in a boiling hot bath.

Kanetsugu tries to get in the way again and burns her ass.

The girls train in the waterfall.

Again, Kanetsugu fails.

Muneakira trains by himself when Gisen decides it’s a good time to flirt with him.

Muneakira controls Gisen and suggests that she join them in training.

Meanwhile, Inshun discovers Keiji’s whereabouts and the Dark Samurai move to find her.

Jubei suddenly loses control of her ki in the middle of training.

Muneakira uses his ki to stabilize Jubei’s ki.

Keiji senses the Dark Samurai’s presence and transfers her ki to Jubei as well.

She excuses herself to catch her breath and confront the Dark Samurai.

They easily defeat her.

Muneakira resorts to kissing Jubei to transform her back to normal and it works.

A huge pillar of light from Jubei’s ki bursts out of the dojo.

Musashi goes into a rage and demands to fight Badass Jubei. Muneakira tells her that Jubei has indeed returned but she needs time to recover. Musashi eventually lets them have their way.

A big feast is prepared for Keiji for saving Jubei.

But Keiji runs away from the dojo and only Gisen manages to talk to her before she leaves on her bike.


This episode sure felt just like the last episode, especially with the whole training montage done again only with Kanetsugu being the failure that she is. The big difference was the last third of the show where Keiji had to hold off the Dark Samurai and Jubei was struggling to get back to normal. I have to say, the way Muneakira just sreamed her name the moment she collapsed was very overdramatic. Not to mention there was no music to set the mood. Just pretty bad transition there. Well, at least Muneakira proved himself a man with how he sacrificed his own ki to bring back Jubei. He still can’t fight, but he has heart. Anyway, once again, Keiji is just all too good again. Sure, she lost most of her powers, but she just wouldn’t let the Dark Samurai keep her down. Geez, she’s almost as bad as John Cena when it comes to making their opponents’ attacks look painful. If the Dark Samurai can’t bring themselves to kill a nerfed Keiji Maeda, then they’re not all that dark after all. What else can I say? Gisen remains an enigma for the most part. I’m not sure if this is part of some grander scheme of if the writers just want nothing to do with her. *sigh* I actually like Gisen and I hope to see more from her as she has her own little subplot going for her too. Anyway, the next episode seems to feature a lot of…Inshun?! I do love me some quiet lolis. Also, this might be the start of some Dark Samurai-focused episodes. Let’s just hope the story pulls itself together for a decent ending.

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