Red Data Girl 7 – Doesn’t Anyone Notice the Change in Skin Color?

Seriously, is everyone color blind not to see the difference?


Mayura says she’s going to test Miyuki. One of those ninjas is Masumi, if he can identify him, he’ll win.

Izumiko can’t stand to see Miyuki get beat down so she calls out Masumi just as Miyuki loses his staff.

Mayura brings them back to the real world bu Izumiko gets left behind with Masumi.

Izumiko expresses all her troubles to Masumi.

Izumiko is brought back to the real world by Masumi. She gets introduced to the Mayura Fan Club.

Manatsu receives a message telling him that his horse Tabi is sick.

Mayura tries to stay with Manatsu but he tells her to stay with the others and have Masumi replace him while he’s gone.

Masumi and Miyuki barge into the girls’ room while Izumiko and Mayura were having a heartfealt¬† discussion. Kisaragi scolds them but them tells them to gather the other student council members.

Kisaragi does a dance to repel a stray spirit she senses among them.

Suddenly, the lights go off.

Masumi and Miyuki disappear momentarily but them reappear to spook the others.

Izumiko and Miyuki figures that Kisaragi notices Masumi’s spirit (Gee, as if him having lighter skin than Manatsu didn’t make it obvious enough).

At night, Izumiko notices that Mayura stays up to wait for Manatsu to call her.

The next day, Mayura urges Masumi to let her visit Manatsu but he says no.

Izumiko and Miyuki go instead.

They learn that Tabi died last night and Manatsu had to euthanize him.

Mayura appears even when she shouldn’t have.

She tries to argue with Manatsu but he struggles to keep his distance.

A spirit horse appears behind Manatsu and he rides it to get away from Mayura.


An okay episode. Same strengths and weaknesses Red Data Girl has had in the past. The fight scene was slightly better than the one involving Takayanagi but it was still very one-sided. While I appreciate how the story is putting out a lot for the three siblings, I can’t see how it’s going to go in long-term. I don’t know what the main conflict is anymore. There was the Himegami warning that the end was near in a few episodes before but this here with the whole camping trip seems somewhat unrelated to that. It seems weird to have this arc about some supporting characters in the middle of the series with only twelve episodes. I get this bad feeling that this show is going to end up a mess. Anyway, on the contents of the actual story itself, I found that it did its part in molding out the characters. Mayura, Manatsu and Masumi are getting less and less one-dimensional with these episodes. You thought Manatsu was the typical happy-go-lucky guy? This episode proves you wrong! On the other hand, Masumi is quite overly energetic in comparison. When Manatsu and Mayura were still these two upbeat siblings that served a contrast to the gloomy and grumpy Izumiko and Miyuki, Masumi was still quite an enigma. Now that there’s some edge to Mayura and Manatsu’s character, Masumi sort of reverted to being the typical annoying best friend for Miyuki. It’s character decline?¬† Anyway, hopefully this arc doesn’t last too long as it’s been a while since we saw some characters like Takayanagi and Yukimasa. Not to mention, our main character Izumiko has been taking up a largely supporting role recently. Please please please don’t mess up P.A. Works! I want to believe that you’re one of the few studios who can pull out consistently decent anime!

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