Suisei no Gargantia 6 – Because Bikinis Weren’t Enough

Conjecture: Ensign Ledo just experienced sexual arousal for the first time.


Ledo has no idea of what to do with his money.

Amy tells him about the upcoming festival and brings him to the fishing boss to help out.

Unfortunately, Ledo sinks a Yunboro on his first try.

Ledo has lunch with Amy when her two friends pick her up to prepare for a dance.

Meanwhile, Chamber takes over Ledo’s fishing duties.

Pinion invites Ledo to let him show Ledo how to have a good time with his cash.

He brings Ledo to a bar where Amy and friends happen to be dancing at.

Pinion offers Ledo a job at the salvage crew when Bellows walks by and encourages him to work for her.

Pinion and Bellows argue and try to outbid each other for Ledo while Ledo ends up staring at Amy’s performance.

Ledo gets served some squid and he mistakes it for a Hideauze.

Chamber calls for Ledo’s help since he ended mincing all the fish he caught.

So Ledo grabs a net and his gravity manipulator to catch a whole load of fish.

He stays with Amy after work. Lightning strikes which gets Ledo to guard Amy out of instinct.

Amy shows him the night aurora.

Ledo asks Amy to show him her dance.

They visit Bebel and Ledo gives him a toy gift he bought with his money.

Dr. Oldham points out that Ledo just learned the meaning of working to support others.

Ledo ends up working for Bellows in the salvage team.

A giant squid attacks them for an abrupt cliffhanger.


Quite an unexpected episode and honestly not as good as I had hoped. Still pretty good, just not pretty good. Understand? No? Nevermind. Like last episode, the story didn’t develop much from here but there were a couple of interesting points. First is the most obvious, Ledo is developing…”something”. Ideally, he’s probably getting attracted to Amy but you can never rule out the theory that Ledo might be becoming a pervert. Hey, when your stuck in space where everyone is in a full body suit all the time, getting exposed to all this flesh in such short notice would probably stimulate something in you too. Also, I love a whole lot of the unspoken gestures in this anime. It makes sense since Ledo is a man of few words. He does things like looking away from a potential Amy upskirt shot, pulling a cheesy smile while eating seaweed bread, which makes sense with his distaste for meat, being at awe at Amy and friends’ dance and his awkward reaction to putting his hand on Amy’s bare shoulders (which are usually bare in her normal clothes anyway). You can just read the expressions on his face and that tells something a thousand words wouldn’t be able to tell. Next point I want to bring up is Ledo’s obvious caution towards the Hideauze. How he instantly jumped up from his seat and pointed his gun at some squid, you’d think it would have been played for laughs but Ledo wore this really panicked expression. From there, you could tell how much Ledo thinks of the Hideauze as an enemy. It’s almost on the level of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now moving on to the less endearing side to the episode. The fanservice was there and while nowhere near softcore porn levels, it was actually a little more suggestive than the swimsuits. Picture it: Three underage girls in skimpy clothing, belly dancing in a shady bar full of drunk men. There are some less than innocent intentions in that setup. Also, this just fuels more ideas for the merchandising. I mean, there’s already a line of Gargantia Beach Queen figures in the works according to Tomopop. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, I’m a figure collector after all, but dammit, I’m already loving this series so the merchandise is going to be really tempting for me. Guys, I’m going to call it right now: There’s going to be a point in this blog’s figure review side where everything I review is going to be Gargantia related. Anyway, enough about me and my impending troubles. Another thing I didn’t really like was the very middle of the episode with everyone in the bar. It was just dragging and not a lot came out of it aside from Ledo’s potential boner. Also, there was that really short and badly animated scene at the start of Amy’s dance. Probably bait to buy the Bluray and see if it changes. Okay, looks like things are going to get more serious from here on as Ledo defends Bellows from tentacles and it looks like Pinion arguing with Bellows and grabbing her shirt straps in the little preview.

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2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 6 – Because Bikinis Weren’t Enough

  1. Artemis

    Likewise, I thought this was a good episode but not great – so far, my favourite has probably been episode 4. I did love Ledo pulling out that cheesy smile while eating the bread though – that was just perfect! I hope we’re treated to more of Ledo’s trying out of new facial expressions in the future. I was also quite interested in his reaction to the squid he was supposed to eat, which as you pointed out, looked a lot like some form of PTSD rather than being played for laughs. These small but rich hints at Ledo’s past are what I find the most enjoyable about the show.

  2. agr0n

    Yeah I was pretty shocked when I saw Amy and friends dancing in the bar, but I figured since its a festival dancing like that would be a legit activity, not the first time I’ve seen it in an anime either :p


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