Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 6 – Man Haters

As if this show didn’t lack masculinity already.


The Dark Samurai get attacked by some breast-obsessed woman.

They manage to corner her but she escapes on her bike.

Muneakira and the others decide to close their maid cafe much to Kanetsugu’s objections.

Muneakira reminds Kanetsugu that she was there when the group discussed all that and training to match the Ki mastery of the Dark Samurai.

Muneakira puts his hand on Kanetsugu’s shoulder but she just slaps him to the sky with her hammer.

Yukimura brings out a book that they’ll use for their Ki training.

Kanetsugu sabotages their meditation by spilling oil everywhere.

She also replaces the water in the bath with boiling hot water.

And she throws logs at them while they’re training in a waterfall.

She tells them that she’ll head back to the dojo and everyone gets worried abotu what kind of trouble she might cause.

Jubei guides Muneakira through a series of traps.

They finally reach Kanetsugu and she scolds them for not training seriously.

She tells them that they won’t learn anything from their books.

Kanetsugu pushes Jubei towards Muneakira and she actually transforms.

Badass Jubei is back!

Kanetsugu reveals herself to be Keiji Maeda, Master of Ki, in disguise.

Keiji explains that she saw the group at the M1 Grand Prix and wants some of that maid service.

Muneakira holds her hand to welcome her but she slaps him to the sky (again, technically).

They release Kanetsugu from the binds Keiji put her in. Everyone chats up with Keiji and Badass Jubei except for Gisen who just silently observes.

Jubei tries to revert to normal but can’t.


A rather meh episode for me. Sure, it was as lively and crazy as ever but there just some things that didn’t feel right. This is gonna be a short post since the good things I’ve said about this show still apply here so I’m gonna skip that and get to the bad parts about it. First, the Dark Samurai just lost a whole load of credibility when they couldn’t defeat Keiji. It made them look weak, and while the show did try to emphasize their strength later on by dubbing them as “masters of Ki” but I can’t shake of the idea that these girls whom  our protagonist feared so much couldn’t defeat a single person.  Next is how overpowered Keiji comes off as. It feels like she could do no wrong. She just got away from a 4-on-1 assault and laughed it off while riding on her chopper. She actually made Kanetsugu look like Yukimura and Senhime’s boss. That should never happen! Jubei can’t transform back? Keiji just shrugs it off. Anyway, the flow of the episode was fine but kind of predictable after a while. When Kanetsugu was just barking orders and Jubei was doing everything she said to improve her training, everything just fell together easily and that took away some potential from the story. While everyone was wondering why Kanetsugu’s been so weird, I had it all figured out. Not to brag. Really. That’s not really such a great accomplishment. Finally, it was just cheap how Matabei and Gisen were written out of 90% of the episode. “Matabei! Go on a long, off screen search for Keiji Meada! Gisen! Just go away!” Anyway, same with Gargantia, things look to be picking up because Badass Jubei is baaaaack! This really was the highlight of the episode. Though I wished she returned in a more epic manner, like in the middle of a battle, I’m just glad to hear that cool, sexy voice again.

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