Red Data Girl 6 – Izumiko is a Cute Drunk

This show would get several times better if she was drunk more often.


Izumiko, Miyuki, Mayura and Manatsu take a bullet train to Togakushi where they and the student council (which Izumiko was made a part of) will stay for a few days.

Some boys flirt with the two while they were waiting for their ride.

Miyuki and Manatsu scare the boys off. Izumiko learns that Togakushi is known for its monks and ninjas. Yes, ninjas.

The group have a grill party when they arrive at Mayura’s old home.

Izumiko gets drunk from a bowl of fruit with alcoholic syrup and passes out.

She wakes up in the middle of the night, still drunk, and sees Masumi.

Masumi flirts with Izumiko and tells her to meet him at the shrine. Izumiko doesn’t approve of Masumi’s flirting but agrees to meet him.

The group meet up with the student council and stay in an inn near the shrine. That guy on the far right is wearing his glasses like a boss.

Kiritsugu warns Mayura that joining the student council won’t give her the advantage. The student council will stay neutral as judges.

After, the student council meeting, Mayura explains that the school is currently split between those who support Mayura and those who support Takayanagi.

The girls meet up with the boys at a forested park.

Mayura tries to get Miyuki and Izumiko to join her side.

Miyuki argues that he won’t take her orders and he shouldn’t be lumped in together with Izumiko either.

Suddenly, masked men appear (under Mayura’s command?).


Red Data Girl is definitely showing signs of improvement. The first part really set the light mood it intended to set. Even if Mayura was talking about the complications of Masumi’s existence. I didn’t get that heavy, dragging feeling that I always get while trying to pay attention to the show. It was okay. I also loved the bit with Izumiko getting drunk. It was a short scene but it was funny enough to significantly boost my enjoyment of this episode. I also found that the transition from the lighter first half to the more serious second half was smooth. The scene with Izumiko talking with Masumi while still slightly drunk was a good transition between the two degrees of “weight” in this show. Another thing this episode is good for is that it didn’t give me a headache trying to piece things together for once. The answers actually caught up to the questions as we get to know more about Masumi plus the reason why Takayanagi keeps trying to hurt Mayura and friends. Still, this little holiday episode seemed to come without warning. There was obviously some time skipped between this episode and the last since now Izumiko is part of the student council. Also, Miyuki doesn’t seem to care that the Himegami basically told him that she’ll end the world soon if he doesn’t do anything. And he’s not doing anything. You’d think he would talk to Yukimasa or Izumiko’s dad about this or something. About Miyuki, his presence in this episode wasn’t really strong either. This episode put a lot more focus on Mayura and it shows that not even she is a perfectly good character. This show is interesting in how we actually have protagonists turning on protagonists. Hopefully her fight with Miyuki goes better than the one between Masumi and Takayanagi. I mean, it should. Come on. She has ninjas!

Facebook page doesn’t have ninjas, but it might if you Like it!

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