Suisei no Gargantia 5 – Crossdressing Muscle Men and Bikinis

Thank God it wasn’t both at the same time.


Amy helps Ledo find a job.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any place for him by the time Amy gets called to do delivery work.

There was an opening in the cow farm department but Ledo didn’t want to be anywhere near the manure.

Pinion calls Ledo and throws him a beach shirt.

They get Amy and Bebel to come along. Bebel explains that when the wind is weak, the crew at Gargantia take it as an opportunity to take a break from sailing and other work.

Amy and her friends decide to break out the bikinis. Yup, of course I was going to stitch this image of the three girls showing off their swimwear.

Dr. Oldham joins in to relax.

Pinion finds out that the grill isn’t working. He gets Ledo to fetch something from the ironsmiths while he works on getting the food cooked.

Amy gets a job from Ridget to activate the motor on top of a tower.

Meanwhile, Pinion and Chamber have guy talk when Pinion notices something about Chamber…

Ledo gets ambushed by trannies.

Amy and friends set off on their gliders.

Bellows and Ridget also discover Pinion’s grill party and join in.

Ledo runs from the trannies and ends up on the tower Amy was headed to anyway.

Amy and friends activate the motor for the giant sprinkle that makes a double rainbow.

Amy drops Ledo off at the smithery where he picks up whatever he was looking for from an old lady.

He returns to find other people already joining the party. Also, they used Chamber as a grill.

Pinion wonders about who possibly spread the word about his secret party. Bellows just avoids eye contact.

Amy reveals the item that Ledo had to go through a horde of transvestites for: BBQ sauce.

Amy reveals that the whole grill party was Pinion’s idea to cheer Ledo up.


WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K PRODUCTION I.G.? WHAT IS THIS SWIMSUIT BULLS**T? WHERE’S MAH SUPER PLOT AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?!?! ASDFGHKL -is what I would be saying if I was some completely uptight, literary critic-wannabe, plot whoring, anime elitist. I actually enjoyed this episode. Mainly because I enjoy girls in swimsuits as much as I enjoy a good plot. This episode was just right. The fanservice only went as far as showing off the girls in their swimsuits (relatively believable swimsuits if I may add. Not overly skimpy and stuff) and it was just that. There was no excessive bouncing or any wardrobe malfunctions or whatever. Hanaharu Naruko’s awesome character designs are enough to satisfy my need for fanservice. Anyway, the comedy was there and definitely not out of place. It’s not hard to believe that Gargantia actually has a red light district with all sorts of sexual deviants prowling about. Not to mention Ledo recalling his disdain for cow manure was just the perfect way to end the show. Pinion got his time to shine in this episode as well. So aside from all the girls in swimsuits and guys in drag, this show still delivers some beautiful scenery. There’s the calm sea, the view of Gargantia from Amy’s glider in the sky, the giant tower sprinkler and the beautiful sunset to cap off the show. I haven’t seen an anime that put so much work into its beautiful world since Last Exile. The music helps set the scene a lot too. Those flute tracks are more than icing on the cake whenever there’s a big pan over the scenery of Gargantia. Okay, storywise, there’s not a lot of progress made. Of course, even the character dialogue pointed at this episode being a break from everything else. Yes, the story could have gone on without this episode, but hey, this was a great episode none the less and as long as the anime doesn’t end up choking on its pacing, then this episode deserves to be where it’s at.

4 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 5 – Crossdressing Muscle Men and Bikinis

  1. Artemis

    Personally I didn’t mind the fanservice since it suited the light-hearted feel of this episode, although I do hope we don’t see too much of this over the course of the series, lest things get a bit too silly. As fanservice goes I was actually pretty impressed – I approve of bikini-clad girls who for a change aren’t stick-thin with ridiculously huge melon breasts. And of course, it was nice to things balanced out with Ledo’s fanservice contribution.

    1. agr0n

      “And of course, it was nice to things balanced out with Ledo’s fanservice contribution.” I’m sorry, but that line made me laugh so hard 🙂

      1. Artemis

        Oops, missed out a word there – I meant to say “nice to see.” Anyhow, good for Gargantia to be an equal-opportunity show. XD

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