Hyakka Ryouran: Episode 5 – Breakdancing Maids

I’m actually sad that America’s Best Dance Crew got cancelled before they could have had a crew full of maids.


It’s the finals for the M1 Grand Prix where maid cafes across Japan compete to earn the title of best maid cafe. Just for the occasion, the Dark Samurai have joined and have maid it to the finals along with Muneakira’s girls as their competition.

Flashback: This was an event prepared by Yoshihiko and picked up by Sen.

Gisen pushes Muneakira to let their cafe join to garner some publicity.

The truth is that Sen set the whole thing up with only being allowed to use her brother’s name.

The final round will be a swimsuit competition!

Kanetsugu crashes the party but fails miserably.

Among the Dark Samurai and their sexy swimsuits, only Kojiro was actually opposed to the idea of joining.

The idea of joining came from Musashi and supported by Mataemon. Musashi also points out that the competition will also be a good place to see what Muneakira’s girls are capable of. Once their registration forms pass through Sen, Yukimura thinks the same thing and has Sen rig the tournament so that their teams compete against each other in the final round.

Hanzo, the M1 Grand Prix host. Begins the matchup which was rigged to give each member of her team the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Kanetsugu crashes again and ruins the plan.

Matabei gets a special camera to record the Dark Samurai and gauge their powers (as if they didn’t already know how powerful they are).

The first game is a Capture the Flag game between Gisen and Inshun.

Gisen gets distracted by Muneakira’s body allowing Inshun to easily pick up the win.

Next game is one of them “Smash a Watermelon While Blindfolded” games them Japaneses do on them beaches. Sen trips early on allowing Kojiro to win.

Yukimura gets Sen to rig the contest and make the next game worth 4 points. It’s a hoola hoop game to show off Mataemon’s sexy body (Now if only her voice was just as sexy).

Yukimura tries to taunt Mataemon but her taunts only make Mataemon swing harder causing Yukimura to get thrown off and lose her hoola hoop.

Sasuke steals Sen’s voice synthesizer which allowed her to impersonate Yoshihiko. Sen gets it back and announces the last game to decide the winner of the grand prix.

It’s going to be Musashi versus Jubei in a sword fight with traps laid around them.

Kanetsugu crashes again and gets caught in a trap.

Sen and Yukimura throw all the traps at Musashi but she easily avoids them all.

Muneakira gets in the way to protect Jubei but gets a knee to the balls for his troubles.

Jubei gets enraged and actually fights Musashi on equal ground.

Musashi declares defeat, having been satisfied just by seeing Jubei’s true strength. So Muneakira’s team just won the tournament they created and rigged in the first place. Hooray!


When I heard this was going to be a swimsuit episode. I was ready to throw all my expectations for any plot progression out the window. To my surprise, this episode ended with a significant development much like the previous episodes. I am liking the formula each episode of Hyakka Ryouran is going by so far. A lot of crazy, comedic and fanservicey antics but there’s always going to be something that pushes the plot forward. This rudimentary, and yet rarely used in other anime, formula actually helps me remember the events of each episode. Without looking back at my previous posts, Dark Samurai were introduced in the first episode, Sasuke introduced in the second, Kanetsugu became a Master Samurai in the third and Gisen returned in the fourth. On the other hand, I’m having trouble retracing the events of Red Data Girl because each episode there is like cliffhanger after cliffhanger. Anyway, about this episode. Yeah, it was fun. A lot of comedy with the scene of Yoshihiko going “Uki! Uki!” because of Sasuke being genuinely funny. For a swimsuit episode, this episode barely focused on the swimsuits. You’d think we’d be getting close up shots of Sen’s boobs or Matabei’s ass but we get none of that. This is very different from the beach episode from the previous season which actually had Hanzo and Matabei getting pseudo-tentacle raped by a giant sea monster, which I think is the same one in this episode but this one here got sliced and diced pretty quick. What happened to you, Hyakka Ryouran? What happened to the fanservice? We had something but now that something is gone! Eh, whatever. This was still quite the enjoyable episode and Mataemon’s delicious body must suffice for now.

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