Red Data Girl 5 – The Wonders of Makeup

Izumiko looks 9001 times better this way.


Masumi is a dude 😦

Takayanagi arrives with Ricardo. Since Masumi is actually a dude the spirit of Manatsu’s dead sibling, Takayanagi, Ricardo and Miyuki don’t see him.

Masumi takes on the appearance of Manatsu and easily counters everything Takayanagi throws at him.

Masumi also punches Ricardo into nothingness.

Takayanagi panics as Masumi just unbound the spirit that was sealed into Ricardo. He fears the spirit will get back and attack them.

Msumi just absorbs the spirit.

Masumi then just starts slapping Takayanagi casually.

One of the effects of Takayanagi’s defeat is a shakeup in the student council. A boy(?) named Kisaragi was elected as president instead of Takayanagi.

Izumiko and Miyuki leisurely walk through a school park when they run into Yukimasa. Yukimasa has taken up a job at the school and will replace Miyuki in his duties regarding Izumiko. Naturally, Miyuki storms off.

Izumiko tries to talk to Miyuki at the library but he ignores her to ask Kisaragi for a position in the student council.

As Izumiko’s teacher, Yukimasa leaves her a note on her test paper telling her to see him at a neraby shrine.

There, Yukimasa tells her about a project involving gathering people who can communicate with the gods. Their discussion is interrupted when a flock of women get Yukimasa to pose with them for pictures.

Izumiko sees Miyuki talking with Mayura about joining the student council. She gets uncomfortable seeing Mayura get chummy with Miyuki and she leaves them.

Izumiko finds herself taking cover from the sunshower.

She starts to sing when she gets caught by Kisaragi who invites her inside.

Meanwhile, one of the student council members asks Miyuki about Izumiko.

There, she introduces Izumiko to Hodaka, the former student council president. Hodaka asks Izumiko to show her ritualistic dance to him.

Miyuki barges in to protect Izumiko. He believes Hodaka and Kisaragi have ulterior motives.

The Himegami awakes and tells Miyuki to prevent her return or else the world will end.

Izumiko returns to normal and speaks to Miyuki while braiding her hair back. She tells him that he’s fine the way he is, lack of ability and all.


Well that was disappointing. Oh no, the episode was fine. What disappointed me was that Masumi was actually a man. I thought he was just the cool, level-headed senpai-type. I like the cool, level-headed senpai-type but not when they’re dudes! Anyway. The show is definitely showing improvements. The fight between Masumi and Takayanagi was really short and, yeah, disappointing but it did sort of tell me that there will be similar fights and they will probably be better. Let’s just hope that’s true. The general atmosphere in this episode was pretty much more balanced than the previous ones. No sudden dark and suspenseful scenes. Even Hodaka’s part wasn’t suddenly on edge even after I did have my suspicions about him. I do have to point out the little ways this episode tries to lighten the mood. There’s Masumi who’s a casually crossdressing spirit and then Yukimasa, for everything Miyuki hates about him, is just a hit with the ladies despite being well over thirties. These were pretty subtle and small details that actually work to lessen the doom and gloom of this show. Speaking of Yukimasa, his portrayal here along with Miyuki is defintiely something I don’t see in other anime. Here we have an ally of the protagonist who is generally likeable, but another likeable character absolutely hates him. I’m constantly being thrown back and forth with how I should look at him and I’m enjoying it. Another thing about characters, Izumiko is another interesting main character. Despite looking, and often acting, spineless and weak, she does show a conviction to improve herself and I like how this is being represented visually as well. First the haircut, then the glasses, then the makeup. When there’s a certain trait of Izumiko’s character that undergoes change, her physical appearance reflects it and that’s some neat work there. Yes, she’s the type of person who hides behind everything but she does stand her ground when she needs to and I absolutely love it when she acts stubborn. While being a brat isn’t exactly a good character trait, it’s definitely a step away from being a sissy.

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2 thoughts on “Red Data Girl 5 – The Wonders of Makeup

  1. agr0n

    Slap, slap, slap, slap.

    The makeup seemed a bit off the blush, didn’t match her complexion at all and same with the lipstick :/


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