Suisei no Gargantia 4 – Long Skirts Don’t Exist in This World

At least not for teenagers with nice legs.


Ledo gets to live in Gargantia but he has to join the workforce.

He’s allowed to stay in a hangar with Chamber but he also has to pay for all the damages he caused thus far.

Ledo observes the children playing in his free time and comments how undisciplined they are.

Amy passes by and notices Ledo carving on that thing again. Ledo tells her that it’s a Hideauze tooth.

Amy invites Ledo to go see her brother Bebel.

Ledo and Amy talk along the way. Amy learns that sick and burdensome people like Bebel wouldn’t have been allowed to live in Avalon.

Amy takes Ledo to Dr. Oldham since Ledo was asking for information and Oldham is the most knowledgeable person in Gargantia.

Ledo asks several questions on how Gargantia is inefficient as a unit. Their discussion takes them to how their current technology is not sufficient to bring Ledo to space.

Ledo visits Bebel who’s excited to see him.

Amy leaves Ledo with Bebel as she joins her friends. Ledo and Bebel have a lengthy discussion on many things about Ledo’s home.

Bellows tries to raise Ledo’s spirits as he’s felt useless with Chamber doing all his work for him.

It starts raining, a phenomenon which Ledo has never experienced and is a rare occurrence in earth. Bellows tells Ledo to grab a tarp and collect water.

Ledo stays at Amy’s place to dry off. He has another conversation with Bebel.

Ledo shows Bebel the tooth he’s been carving out. Bebel points out that Ledo’s been making a flute all along which contradicts his mentality of avoiding matters not concerning war or survival.

Bebel plays the flute which causes Ledo to recall a memory.

Ledo starts crying as the episode ends.


Another satisfactory episode. For what it lacked in action, it made up for with some really good dialogue. This was quite the chatty episode and I know some people don’t enjoy having too many words in their story but I found that just about everything said was worth taking in. This episode touched upon Ledo’s home planet with how everything there is so totalitarian and quite the opposite of Amy’s world where pretty much anything goes. Perhaps the highlight of this episode was the scene where it started raining and Ledo was just standing there, watching everything and taking it all in. That there was a magical experience. The scenery and music really created a breathtaking atmosphere and I might as well have had the same expression Ledo had. Not a lot to complain about for this episode since it played safe by being mostly dialogue while managing to keep itself interesting. I guess I can only say that it could have been better? They could have shown some more of Ledo’s home planet instead of just talking about it. All we really got was one super short flashback. Well, that’s it for this episode. The next episode…swimsuits?! Amy’s busty friend in a skimpy bikini and sarong?! Oh yeah, about Amy’s friends. I fear that they will always be bunched up together as a duo instead of being two complete individuals. I do hope there’s more to them than being Amy’s accessories.

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4 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 4 – Long Skirts Don’t Exist in This World

  1. Artemis

    Not that I would particularly mind if its just for a bit of harmless fanservice (I’ll take short skirts over stupidly huge or unrealistically jiggly breasts any day), but I wonder if the amount of leg baring in Gargantia is a hint as to the general climate? What with everyone getting uber-excited over a bit of rain, it could simply be that earth (or at least, the part of earth these guys inhabit) is much hotter than it once was.

  2. Peavey Vee

    Tempered fanservice and bishoujo, adventures and battles, AND literary devices within the plot and dialogue? MY GAHD, Patrick, I must watch this. . . I’ll give you my HDD when the schoolyear starts!!

  3. agr0n

    “Ledo tells her that it’s a Hideauze tooth.” I must have missed them mentioning that it was a tooth.

    2 swimming episodes in one week :p


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