Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 4 – Selective Censoring

In other news: Congratulations are in order. I managed to get 23 screencaps from this episode without a single nipple in any of them.


The Dark Samurai Kojiro has been spying on Musashi while she’s been visiting the maid cafe.

Gisen suddenly appears at their front door and everyone’s first move is to tie her down.

She tells them that she’s harmless since Amakusa won’t be revived for another 100 years. She also tells them about Samurai Brides, an even stronger form of Master Samurai.

She wants to move in with Muneakira but he decides to be cautious since she was the one that nearly destroyed the capital last time. Gisen just unties herself Gison calls and leaves.

Everyone panics at the thought of letting a dangerous girl like her go so they dogpile on her. Muneakira lets her stay at a storage shack with Jubei guarding her.

Meanwhile, Musashi is causing trouble for Kojiro and the others with her continuous visiting of the maid cafe.

Gisen calls Yukimura and tells her she can become a Samurai Bride by growing breasts.

Yukimura starts chugging down some milk.

Gisen calls Senhime next. She tells her to practice her mental fortitude in order to become a Samurai Bride.

Sen has Hanzo tie her up to test her mental fortitude.

Gisen tells Kanetsugu to have sex with Muneakira. Kanetsugu explodes.

Yukimura shows up the next day with huge tits.

Senhime dresses and acts like a proper lady.

And Kanetsugu tries to seduce Muneakira like an idiot.

The girls start a fight with each other to the point that they wreck the cafe enough that it had to be closed.

Later, Yukimura and Senhime figure out that they were tricked by Gisen. When they confront her, they find her in the middle of raping Muneakira. Gisen uses muneakira”s inferior dong to distract the girls while she escapes.

Meanwhile, Jubei is confronted by Kojiro while she’s training.

Kojiro uses her manipulation powers originating from her eyes to make Jubei kill herself. Gisen manages to catch the act and save Jubei before it’s too late.

She threatens to use her own eye powers against Kojiro. The bluff works and Kojiro flees.

Gisen apologizes for fooling around with the other girls. The girls and Muneakira take her in to work as a maid.

Muneakira speculates that Gisen may have lost her powers as well.


Another good episode only this time, there were tits everywhere. It’s weird since the previous episode was relatively safe in terms of suggestive content. Here, there were wardrobe malfunctions, girls stripping girls. bath scenes and of course, Kanetsugu. Now this episode didn’t introduce a new character or develop an existing one. We just get Gisen back. Sure, there was some significant developments like the concept of the Samurai Bride being introduced and the possibility of Gisen losing her powers, but not a lot in the way of character development. I do have to say that the Dark Samurai side of things gave a little more impact than they did the few days before. You could feel Kojiro legitimately envying the Samurai Girls for Musashi as opposed to Mataemon who just had to let some steam off with a good fight. A couple of drawbacks to this episode is the sudden appearance of Gisen with little to no hints from prior episodes. I knew she’d return but I didn’t expect her to literally walk up the front door of the Yagyuu Dojo. Another thing, Muneakira was reduced to the spineless, pathetic, tiny-censored main character he always was. He didn’t really do anything admirable in this episode. Well, next episode is a beach episode. It’s one of those things this anime was just made for. Should be good.

Guys, the Facebook Page has been lonely for a while now.

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