Red Data Girl 4 – Izumiko Is Unintentionally Racist

Hey, that’s not cool.


Mayura takes Izumiko to the cafeteria to meet her brother.

Manatsu, her brother arrives late. Izumiko observes how Mayura and Manatsu tend to argue but they do resemble each other. Mayura reveals that there was supposed to be three of them as siblings but the third one died.

Izumiko asks Miyuki about Mayura. Miyuki tells her that she’s one of the few people who are better than him than academics.

Coincidentally, the top student in their year level, Takayanagi appears to introduce himself to Izumiko. Izumiko notes how he looks like Wamiya.

It’s the first day of classes. Mayura decides to switch up her hairstyle.

This convinces Izumiko to try to go without her glasses.

During the opening ceremony, Izumiko feels a dark presence.

Izumiko notices a shadowy figure coming from her Brazilian classmate.

During the break, Izumiko is approached by two fo her classmates who tell her about a popular website created by Takayanagi.

Later, the Brazilian student tells Izumiko to meet him at the AV room.

Izumiko goes to Miyuki for help. Miyuki can’t point to anything concrete so he tells Izumiko to meet the guy anyway.

Izumiko goes to the AV room but gets ambushed by Takayanagi who slaps a seal on her.

Miyuki appears.

Miyuki shoots at the Brazilian student who dissipates.

Mayura was watching all along. It turns out that Takayanagi is an Onmyo monk and Mayura and Manatsy have spiritual connections as well.

They decide to go check out the site made by Takayanagi.

It turns out to be a trap and the computer explodes on Mayura’s face.

Mayura is taken to a hospital and gets her eye patched.

Manatasu sneaks into the girl’s dorm to check up on Mayura.

Miyuki also appears because he was following Manatsu.

Mayura and Manatsu channel someone named “Masumi” to decide their next course of action.

They take Izumiko outside at night to meet Masumi who is actually another student.


Not a lot to say about this episode. I mean, it just happened. As usual, it wasn’t too fun, it wasn’t overly dramatic. It was just telling its story. This time we get a boatload of new characters. This is to be expected considering the new setting. Mayura was really adding some life to this show early on but then she got blasted in the face with computer, as if the writers were trying to remind me that this is not a happy show. Manatsu is quite the contrast to the grumpy Miyuki but he too quickly fell into a pretty sad state while worrying for his sister.  Dammit. I feel like whenever this show is going to bring me even just a bit of happiness, it’s going to blast that bit of happiness in the face with a computer. I can’t have nice things in this show! Ugh. It’s fine though. I wasn’t expecting a lot of good vibes for this show. Yep. Dark and slow is where it’s at. On the positive though, I think it’s either a) the show is slowly balancing itself out or b) I’m getting used to the general heavy and slow storytelling of this show. Again, this show puts a lot out of questions for me to think about while not exactly answering much of the questions I already had. I mean, this show ended with a new character but I have to wait for the next episode before she gets properly introduced. That’s not exactly the best cliffhanger there. This show seems to be the type to save everything for a grand finale. While I’m not too happy being kept in the dark for storytelling purposes, I do want to stick to this show to see the payoff for all this buildup. It would be a crying shame if that doesn’t happen. Man, I just hope the plot picks up the pace soon and starts dealing with this main conflict which is…I don’t know. We still don’t know about these shadowy things. Everything will fall into place in due time. Let’s just hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

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2 thoughts on “Red Data Girl 4 – Izumiko Is Unintentionally Racist

  1. Artemis

    I don’t particularly mind the pacing for now, although it does make me a bit concerned about the second half of the series – RDG isn’t the best show this season but I’m having fun with it, so I’d hate for it to rush the plot in later episodes just in order to be able to fit things in. Otherwise perfectly good shows have gone dramatically downhill because of that in the past, and while I’m currently quite enjoying RDG, I also wouldn’t be surprised if it suffers from sudden hectic pacing later on given that its only slated for 12 episodes.


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