A Newer Look at Hatsune Miku Lat-type Ver. by Good Smile Company


I reviewed this figure before, but that was when I was a total noob at figure collecting and photography. Consider this an HD remake with added pantsu as bonus content.

So back during this blog’s first anniversary, I said I’d be redoing some figure reviews I did back when I had a crappy camera and a place that was convenient. So here I am now making a 2nd review of Hatsune Miku Lat-type Ver. Hey, maybe my opinion’s changed. Maybe after the several other figures that came after it, I came to realize Miku Lat’s true quality (for better or for worse). Anyway, let’s get on with the review.


As usual, I start with the face. Miku is just absolutely adorable! I swear, the longer I look at her face, the more likely I’ll start foaming in the mouth! It’s just her big, bright eyes. It’s those cute red frames, the faint blush on her cheeks and her adorable little smile! What I’m liking is how the eyes are pretty flat, but the glasses put the three-dimensional aspect to them. You can remove her glasses by pulling out her bangs and then pulling out her glasses then reattaching her bangs but she just doesn’t look as cute without them. Also, mentioned this in the first review, she comes with a spare pair of frames which you can actually use on other figures.


She has her name tattooed on her arm and it just makes me admire how sharp some of the details on her are.


It’s pretty known that Miku is as flat as a chopping board but that’s okay. I love her for that. Maybe it’s her face or her petite body but Miku looks a lot more child-like in this version of her.


Miku has her arm raised exposing her delightful armpit. She doesn’t have her usual sleeves so there’s more skin to bare. Though it’s not usually the skin people get excited about, I find that her bare arms make a huge difference between this design and her default one.


Her hair is absolutely beautiful. GSC and Max Factory always put good detail into the hair of their Miku figures and Hatsune Miku Lat-type Ver. is no exception. Even if she’s one of the cheaper figures out there. The level of detail on her can compete with the best of them.


The details on her skirt won’t lose either. Though the skirt feels thick, the details are there and just as sharp and defined as everywhere else.


GSC even put some of the less noticeable markings on Miku’s thigh-high boots. Gotta enjoy that Zettai Ryouki!


Now, I used to complain about how her base is flat but colorful. I take that with a little less griping now. This base is actually pretty good with how it complement’s Miku’s style and color scheme.


One of Miku’s legs is being supported by a little peg. This is actually a pretty good alternative compared to putting an obvious rise to support her leg. The peg isn’t really noticeable anyway.


Her other base is still very generic to me.


Her headphones are wicked cool. It’s also a nice touch how they labelled the right and left sides. Another note, the headphones do a pretty good job of hiding the crease of where her hair and her bangs meet.


A look at the back of Miku’s head. You can see the division of the hair and it’s worth pointing out the see through part of her pigtail “ribbons”. More cool details right there.


Her clothes get folded pretty realistically. It really makes you feel movement of her pose.


Her fingernails are painted. This isn’t really a bad thingĀ  but it’s just a design choice that doesn’t impress me.


She has two mics. A standard looking one and a more vintage looking one. They both look fine on her but I prefer the black one.


Finally, her skirt is removable.


I chickened out in the first review, but here’s Miku in all her skirtless glory.


I almost feel guilty for posting these. Almost.


Dat little butt crack. The paint job here could be better though.


My impression of this figure remains the same. She’s cute and well-detailed and was very much worth the price I got her for. Now have some Woody.


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