Suisei no Gargantia 3 – Fear of Cooked Meat

Ledo looks like he has it.


Amy calls Ledo an idiot for killing all those pirates and runs away.

The adults have a meeting to discuss their next course of action since the pirates are likely to retaliate.

Bellows gets Amy to take her to Ledo. She talks to Ledo about killing and how life, even that of an enemy, is valuable in their world. Ledo asks why they would need weapons then. Bellows explains that its more for self-defense and the intimidation factor.

She gives Ledo a radio so he can communicate with the others.

Amy apologizes for shouting at Ledo earlier and asks if he would like to stay in Gargantia. Though Ledo doesn’t desire it, he tells Amy that he’ll consider it.

Lukkage, the pirate boss, sends her whole fleet of pirates to attack Gargantia.

A lookout spots the pirates and estimates that they will come into contact by sundown.

The adults meet again. Bellows suggests having Ledo assist them.

Ledo gets on the radio and tells them that he’ll help under the condition that they¬† let him stay in Gargantia.

Ridget brings Ledo and his mech inside and discusses Ledo’s role in the battle against the pirates.

Some other men express their disagreement with having Ledo fight with them.

Ledo deploys and causes a distraction.

The Gargantia fleet fires at the pirates while they’re distracted by Ledo.

The pirates manage to send an ambush unit through submarines.

Lukkage takes her Yunboroid and surfs towards the Gargantia.

She manages to get past its defense fleets and starts crawling to where commander Fairlock is.

Ledo tries to stop Lukkage but gets double-teamed by Lukkage’s girls.

Ledo flies with Lukkage and the two girls being dragged with him. He then swings and tosses Lukkage’s Yunboroid along with the three pilots.

Amy presents Ledo with fish as a sign of gratitude. Ledo returns her gratitude by thanking her in her language.


Another good episode of Gargantia though I do have one major gripe eating at me but I’ll get to that later. Like last episode, we get a bit more into the world Amy and the others reside in. This time, we get something about their morality. I like how Bellows delivered it. Sure, she looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends (Who understands rap guys?), but her mature voice and how she talked to Ledo made me really respect those words. It makes sense. In their post-apocalyptic world where only few people live, every life must be important. On the other hand, Ledo seemed confused about why they hold life, even that of an outlaw, in much higher regard than he does. He’s a soldier who’s been trained to annihilate alien threats. To him, sparing a threat like that can lead to endangering his allies. I’m also liking how the people of Gargantia, or at least the authorities, are getting divided over Ledo. Speaking of Ledo, he has become a little more forceful in this episode than before. With him expressing how staying in Gargantia wasn’t ideal and with him making demands for his cooperation, Ledo acted like the soldier stranded in unfamiliar territory that he is. I just hope that him being allowed to stay in Gargantia doesn’t make him lose his edge. I like this guy who kidnaps little girls and negotiates his demands with his captors. Now let’s get on to my major gripe. This episode had good action, exposition, dialogue and all that but what did I find wrong? The sadist lesbian pirate queen with a surfing lobster robot, that’s what. Seriously, Lukkage is so out-of-place. Most of everything in this anime’s universe seems to have even just a bit of logic behind them, at least enough to add to the richness of this show’s science fiction and fantasy elements. Meanwhile, Lukkage is like someone out of Gurren Lagann which, while legendary, wasn’t the type of anime to always follow logic. I do hope she’s not the main antagonist of this anime. That would suck hard. Well, seeing how she got the Team Rocket send off, she’s probably just a recurring midboss. Hopefully there won’t be as many characters like her that are just so out-of-place. You hear me Production I.G.? I don’t want salmon-themed pirates or Hentai aliens!

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2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 3 – Fear of Cooked Meat

  1. gaia

    thought lobster robot is very appropriate given the heavy oceanic focuses in the future, i mean from the dragon boats of the vikings to the shark pictures on ww2 planes war machines tend to have intimidating designs. Besides after you give a jumboroid 2 giant claws might as well just complete the picture with a lobster tail.

  2. agr0n

    It really was a great episode personally I thought Lukkage was cool and it would rock if they made a spin-off about Lukkage doing her pirate stuff.

    Great review btw.


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