Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 3 – Every Dog Has Its Day

Wow, that is actually the first in a really long time the title actually made sense with the story…


Kanetsugu decides to make a maid ranking system to encourage the other girls to work hard and make a profit…..and to eliminate the lowest ranking maid (Sasuke).

Meanwhile, the Dark Samurai Mataemon is losing control of herself and is growing violent much to the concern of the other Dark Samurai.

After about a week, Kanetsugu ends up dead last in the rankings.

She secretly observes how the other girls are doing so well. Sasuke is a hit with the schoolgirls, Hanzo and Sen have their bodyguards being ordered to patronize them, Jubei has Musashi and Matabei has Jubei.

Kanetsugu figures that she’ll get better if she becomes a Master Samurai which would require Muneakira to kiss her.

So she dress up the only way an idiot could.

She sneaks into Muneakira’s room but overhears him in a meeting with Yukimura and Sen. Apparently they want to point out that Kanetsugu’s blunders are the biggest source of their losses.

Kanetsugu continues to eavesdrop as Muneakira defends Kanetsugu. He points out that Kanetsugu started the maid rankings to motivate the others for the good of the maid cafe.

Yukimura and Sen catch Kanetsugu and scold her for just about everything she did.

Kanetsugu runs away later that night.

The rest of the group gets into a panic as both Kanetsugu and Sasuke end up missing.

Sasuke is actually following Kanetsugu while leaving a trail of bananas hoping the others could use that to find them.

A wild Mataeomon appeared!

Sasuke transforms to protect Kanetsgugu but Mataemon overpowers her.

Meanwhile, the group spread out to find Kanetsugu. Jubei and Muneakira discover Sasuke’s banana trail.

Kanetsugu tells Sasuke to run while Mataemon toys with her.

Sasuke finds Jubei and Muneakira and leads them to Kanetsugu.

Kanetsugu gets tossed in a river (Oh irony!). Muneakira dives in to save her.

Muneakira gives Kanetsugu CPR, which counts as kiss and turns Kanetsugu into a Master Samurai.

Kanetsugu managed to knock Mataemon back to normal. Mataemon praises Kanetsugu, telling her that she enjoyed their fight, before leaving.

The other girls arrive and are obviously shocked to find out Muneakira kissed Kanetsugu.

Jubei takes Kanetsugu’s hand and welcomes her back to the Yagyuu Dojo.


Okay, now I’m actually liking the writing for this show. This episode was good. I don’t really like Kanetsugu but I like what this episode did for her. I actually felt something when Muneakira stood up for Kanetsugu against the idea of kicking her out. My heart melted there for a second. Muneakira isn’t actually all that bad right now. He’s actually doing some admirable stuff like saving monkeys and idiot girls from drowning. He;d be an okay main character if he didn’t get his ass beat by Yukimura and Senhime all the time. Seriously, if he actually put those wenches in their place, I’d be rooting for him. Another thing aside from Muneakira slowly growing a pair of balls to be proud of is how each character was still portrayed how they usually were, but the story took on a different side of the dynamics between characters. Sen and Yuki are still bossy but this time they actually bordered on being b*tches when they were criticizing Kanetsugu. On the other hand, Kanetsugu is still an idiot, but she was shown to be an idiot with a heart in this episode. The fight scene in this episode was just meh. It had a lot of jumping around with Sasuke (conveniently censoring her no no areas) but not a lot of punches were actually thrown. I’m hoping that Mataemon going crazy happens more often and not just for the convenience of Kanetsugu’s character development. While not exactly the main point of this episode, Mataemon going crazy might actually lead somewhere. It would be absolutely terrible if all the Dark Samurai had these moments and it just becomes an obvious plot tool to have the Dark Samurai fight their Master Samurai counterparts during their episode. We all know each girl is going to get an episode dedicated to them in the most predictable fashion. What I hope happens is that Mataemon gets some screentime to show how she deals with this problem. The guys behind this show will also obviously tackle the Dark Samurai themselves. This is going to be like Senran Kagura I predict. No way are they going to make these pretty looking rival girls and not dedicate some time to them. Well, that’s it for this episode. Looks like the next will be about the almost forgotten Yagyuu Gisen. I wonder how she’s going to return…

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