Red Data Girl 3 – I Like How Miyuki Has Mediocre Archery Skills.

It’s weird how other anime students in archery seem to hit the bullseye 9/10 times.


Izumiko returns to her home in the temple.

She visits Miyuki and shows him the view from the mountaintop.

Miyuki reveals that he’s going to Houjou Academy, the school where Izumiko’s dad wanted her to study in.

Izumiko’s classmates ask her to hands some souvenirs to Wamiya.

Izumiko sees Wamiya but Wamiya tells her that she changed since her trip to Tokyo and he senses that she doesn’t hate Miyuki anymore. He tells her that he is going to fix things with him and then walks off.

Miyuki gets into a fight with a trio of delinquents being controlled by Wamiya.

Izumiko’s driver Nonomura saves Miyuki, puts him in a car with Izumiko and drives off to the temple.

Something dark and dangerous is after them.

One wrong move sends the car off a cliff but they survive.

Wamiya suddenly appears.

He tells Izumiko that he was created from Izumiko’s wishes to have friends and Miyuki is an obstacle to that. While he’s talking a heavy fog forms around the area.

Izumiko stands up to Wamiya and tells him that if he was following her desire to have friends, then he should follow her desire for him to leave.

Indeed, Wamiya vanishes into thin air.

Nonomura tells them that Wamiya must have been a lesser god who just wanted to serve a higher god, which is probably the HImegami…or maybe Sasami is in this show somehow.

A few days later, Wamiya appears before Izumiko and Miyuki only to ask that Izumiko release him with the same dance she did which inadvertently bound him to servitude.

So Izumiko does her little priestess dance while Miyuki comments on how amazed he is.

Wamiya disappears (again).

Izumiko eventually moves to Tokyo to study in Houjou academy with her dad bringing her there.

Miyuki is also there to pick them up.

Izumiko gets to dorm with a girl named Mayura.


You know the kind of vibes this show gives me? It’s the same vibes I get during a world history lesson in high school when my teacher would go on and on with his lecture about ancient Greece or Rome or something. The info was there, entering my head and being processed, but I could not help but feel bored listening to my teacher. The same thing happens here. I’m liking the plot, but the way it’s being presented, all the gloominess and all, just makes me enjoy it less than I should. That’s part of the charm of Red Data Girl, I guess. It’s not like a lot of other more generic anime that are all sunshine and moe. This anime is heavy as f***. We’ve got a pretty mysterious plot that chooses to unfold little by little and we’ve got quite the problematic main character. To the show’s credit, it hasn’t been presented in such an overdramatic fashion…yet but I figure the show needs to speed things up a little. You know what this show is kind of like? Another, the mystery-suspense anime. That anime was also dark and gloomy. The pace was also very slow. You know what though? I ended up liking it. Another became progressively interesting as the plot developed and it ended spectacularly. Not many anime ended with a bang as much as Another did. That’s what I’m hoping for this one too. I’m pretty sure Red Data Girl has already failed a lot of people’s Three Episode Rule. I, however, never drop an anime I decide to blog so whether I end up liking something or not, I’m gonna see it through to the end. I see potential in Red Data Girl. The plot can get so big as it tackles with gods and mythology. Wanna know another anime with the same kind of theme? Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. Sure, that one confused the heck out of me but I have to admit that I liked how over-the-top it got. Now this particular episode was a step up from the last two but is in no way a game changer. It’s still the gloomy and slow story that Red Data Girl is. I did feel a little bit of suspense with the whole Wamiya thing but that dissipated along with Wamiya. The endingĀ  felt meh. Sure, it was brighter and more hopeful than the usual but it’s just not there yet. It’s getting better. I see the new girl Mayura who’s all smiles and I hope that’s a sign that the move to Tokyo means a move to a livelier environment while maintaining the same focus on its plot.

Hey, if books were never invented, would we be calling it Facescroll?

One thought on “Red Data Girl 3 – I Like How Miyuki Has Mediocre Archery Skills.

  1. agr0n

    I thought her dance was really cool it reminded me of the dance from the opening song of C3, it was beautiful :p

    With all the fast paced anime this season it’s nice to have a slow paced one.

    Got to agree with you on the comparison between this show and Another.


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