Suisei no Gargantia 2 – Amy’s Happy Dance

I could watch this forever.


Ledo remains cornered only this time, the residents of Gargantia bring out the mechs they call Yunboroids.

A woman named Ridget steps forward to speak to the Ledo.

Chamber explains that Ledo is a soldier for the Alliance fighting against the Hideauze. Ridget reacts naturally: Seems legit.

Ridget, Pinion (blonde pompadour guy), Bellows and the others take a break to decide their next move. They consult Commander Fairlock who tells them to avoid anything that will aggravate the situation.

Amy’s friends bug her about Ledo while she’s going her deliveries.

Amy visits her bed-ridden brother Bebel who thinks Ledo descended from the humans who migrated into space when Earth froze up according to legend.

Amy looks to talk to Ledo again. She brings him a peace-offering: Dried fish.

Amy asks where Ledo came from. He points to the heavens and how I wish the theme song of Gurren Lagann started playing at that point…

Up until that point, everyone suspected that Chamber was another person inside the mech. Ledo shows Amy that Chamber is the mech.

Amy shows Ledo the Milky Way, which is vital for Gargantia’s navigation.

Bellows’ salvage team gets attacked by pirates the next day.

Amy pleads Ledo to use his powerful mech to stop the pirates. Ledo sees this as an opportunity to win the favor of the Gargantia crew and he sets off.

One of the pirates tries to convince Bellows’ to leave Gargantia and work Empress Lukkage. He also threatens her with what you’d obviously threaten a woman with a hot bod like that with.

Ledo saves the day with his beamspamming.

He defeats the pirates but his act of mass destruction shocks and horrifies the Gargantia crew.


Story wise, this episode fared better than the first. It actually showed a lot of the world and the situation Ledo finds himself in. We get to see a little more of Gargantia such as the command deck and the marketplace there. We get into some of their unique traditions and cultures such as Amy using a glider to get around and how the navigators use the Milky Way to find their path. Interesting stuff. At the same time, we get to go into Ledo and Chamber’s perspectives about their situation and for once, the human is actually being more rational than the robot. I find it funny that Chamber keeps insisting on killing everyone in Gargantia and flying away while Ledo wants to stay still and observe the situation. If you think about it, Ledo could easily get aboard his mech and just zoom out into the horizon. The fact that he took on those pirates is proof that he still had fuel in the tank. He probably didn’t want to risk leaving unfamiliar territory to go into even more unfamiliar territory. I like Ledo. He’s a smart guy and he even shines more as a main character since most of the main characters in the anime I’m watching this season suck. Izumiko (Red Data Girl) is helpless, Izuru (Majestic Prince) is derp, Eren (Shingeki no Kyojin) is an angsty lunatic, and Muneakira (Hyakka Ryouran) is the king of butt monkeys. Ledo on the other hand, is a calm and collected and hasn’t shown any sign of weakness while not crossing the line of becoming a Mary Sue. Other than Ledo not being a total sissy main character and the youthful Amy being bubbly and energetic, none of the other characters have really stood out in this episode. I’d be really interested in the others like Pinion and Bellows who obviously have some kind of work relationship going on. I’m pretty sure the anime will touch on this in future episodes but this one teased about it a little so I had to bring it up. What I’m hoping the anime does in the near future is feature Avalon again and update on the status of the war against the Hideauze. The problem is that we, the viewers, weren’t given much to tie Ledo to Avalon. It’s not like he was shown to have a family waiting for him or anything. Still, the war looked interesting and I want to see more of that strategized warfare that was in the first episode. I don’t want this to end up like the first half of Sword Art Online where the entire story was on the virtual world and absolutely no time was put into updating on the situation of the real world.

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3 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 2 – Amy’s Happy Dance

  1. agr0n

    I want one of those gliders that thing was cool.

    I thought they called the Mechs Jumboroids?

    If you remember that object Ledo was putting holes into I’m kind of hoping he makes it into a ocarina/flute and maybe play some songs on it, hearing Ledo play some music would be cool and it would be even cooler if the music sounded like that song from Pokemon: The Movie 2000.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      They pronounced it Yunboroids but that may be because of some restricitons with the Japanese language. Jumboroids might actually be a more correct translation since, you know, they’re big (jumbo) androids.


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