Red Data Girl 2 – What is This? Turtle Juice?

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Miyuki’s been getting popular with everyone in school.

Wamiya passes by in a hallway and comments on how Izumiko’s been down since Miyuki started going to school.

Izumiko comes home to find a package from her mom Yukariko. It contains a new cellphone and a letter.

Izumiko brings the letter to Miyuki. It says that Yukariko wants to meet her in Tokyo.

Izumiko asks Miyuki to reply to her mom since she’s terrible with technology. She also asks Miyuki to see her mom in her stead, but he refuses. At most, Miyuki will just accompany her.

On the airplane ride there, Izumiko feels a dark presence behind her.

She feels that presence again while in the airport.

Miyuki picks up Izumiko to take her to the meeting place.

They reach the place but Miyuki gets a message from Yukariko to get Izumiko out of there as “they” are following her. Yukariko tells them to meet at her house instead.

They try to get into a train but several suspicious malfunctions stop them and force them to go on foot.

Miyuki gets Izumiko a hat to hide her prominent pigtails.

It starts raining. Miyuki holds on to Izumiko’s hand to make her feel safe.

They hide in a building as the dark presence emerges.

It turns out to be Yukimasa.

Miyuki obviously gets angry at Izumiko for being afraid of Yukimasa.

Yukimasa brings the two to Yukariko’s house to rest.

Izumiko changes her clothes while Miyuki and Yukimasa argue again. Miyuki accuses Yukimasa of setting the whole thing up.

Suddenly, Izumiko appears wearing robes and with her hair down.

It turns out, the Himegami has possessed her to talk to Yukimasa.

She tells him that Izumiko may be the last vessel.

Izumiko returns to normal and is confused about her sudden change in appearance.

Yukimasa feels uneasy with what he just learned. He tells Miyuki to quit if he really wants to quit but things will be getting interesting from this point.


Well, for the most part this episode was confusing, especially towards the end. I’m actually just assuming that that person talking through Izumiko was the Himegami as no name was actually mentioned. A lot of questions were asked as the episode went on but I feel that very few of those were actually answered. It felt like before one question would be answered, another question pops up and gets in the way. So Izumiko feels this strange, ominous presence behind her but we never actually learn what she thought that presence was as she kept running away. Did she feel like someone was out to get her, and if so, for what reason? Was it some sort of evil spirit, she does possess spiritual powers after all. So it turns out, that presence she was so afraid of was actually just Yukimasa. Why the hell is he there in the first place? We have Miyuki’s accusations to go by with how he thinks this was all part of Yukimasa’s plan but then that opens up even more questions. Why is he keeping mother and daughter apart? Why was Izumiko so afraid of him until she actually saw him? Again, all we have to go by is Miyuki’s accusations, nothing is really confirmed. Before Yukimasa could have answered anything (though I feel as if he wasn’t going to answer anything in the first place) the Himegami shows up to spawn even more questions in my head. She talks about things like feeling a stir and having to descend upon Izumiko rather prematurely. Frankly, nothing’s actually been said as to why this Himegami is so revered, or why her vessel Izumiko seems to cause technology to go haywire. So that’s it. This episode serves to further the plot with all these mysteries. It wasn’t an enjoyable episode, but I guess it was a necessary one to get a conflict going. The goal of this episode probably as to have the viewer guessing and asking questions, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t induce some frustration out of me. Hopefully, the next episode fares better.

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One thought on “Red Data Girl 2 – What is This? Turtle Juice?

  1. agr0n

    Yeah it was a strange episode, but considering how her mom wasn’t home when they arrived that could mean that the evil spirit was still with them )_) (_( 0_0


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