Suisei no Gargantia 1 – Beamspam and Bubblesplosions

At least the mechs get into tactical formation unlike in Gundam.


Our hero, Ledo awakens to prepare for his latest mission.

The human army is going to launch a surprise attack against the Hideauze by going through a wormhole and destroying their nest.

The Hideauze manage to retaliate and the surprise attack turns into a full-blown war.

The Hideauze gain the advantage and the humans are forced to retreat back to Avalon

Ledo and a few others stay behind to cover the ones retreating.

Ledo maximizes his mech’s output and becomes a one-man laser lights show.

Ledo sees an allied vessel getting attacked and tries to come to their rescue.

Commander Kugel stops him and orders him to fall back while he stays behind.

Ledo misses the evac and gets sucked into the wormhole separate from his allies.

Ledo ends up unconscious for 6 months and his mech lands in another world and is found by humans from another dimension.

Our main heroine Amy is curious about the mech with way more advanced technology than what they have.

Ledo is awakened by his computer assistant Chamber to find that ended up in another world inhabited by humans with inferior technology and a language unknown to him.

Ledo waits for the humans trying to pry open his mech to leave before he exits his cockpit and inspects his environment.

Amy and the blonde guy suddenly return and Ledo is forced to hide.

Ledo kidnaps Amy and holds her hostage so he can escape.

He breaks out of the giant metal structure and sees the ocean for the first time.

He doesn’t have much time to marvel at the sight as the locals have him surrounded.

He summons his mech though Chamber who informs him that he is in the birthplace of humankind: Earth.

Quite an awkward start, really. They missed out on several key things that would have made this a great first episode. First, we never really got into detail about Avalon, where Ledo’s people live. How did humans end up in space? What year is it anyway? Not a lot was said about the Hideauze either. The extremely vague intro just said that they are the enemy without actually giving a reason why. What did they do to humanity? Are they invading or destroying Avalon? Are they competing for resources? What? All the intro showed was the humans already at war with the Hideauze. It never really got into when, why and how it started. Next there’s Commander Kugel. He seemed like a decent guy but I felt absolutely nothing about his death. Was I supposed to? I mean, this guy gets five minutes of screen time and the only important thing he said before death was that Ledo was young, he was not, so Ledo surviving would be better for the situation. Then he dies, no epic last stand or anything. Why bother giving this guy a name in the first place? So yeah, there’s not a lot of exposition on Ledo’s side. It left me wondering if I should even bother to remember these things. The depiction of Amy’s world in this episode should be a little more forgiven since the focus was still mostly on Ledo and it was spent with either him observing a factory from his cockpit, or him running around said factory with Amy on his shoulders. They did miss a chance on a good panoramic scene when Ledo encountered the outside world for the first time. The camera was on him the whole time. At that point it would have been great to get a view of what he was so amazed at, but no. We get to see Amy’s ass from a revolving angle instead. Seriously. Remember Gurren Lagann episode 1? When Simon, Kamina and Yoko broke through to the surface for the first time and while the Lagann was in the air, spinning, Simon was breathtaken by the sight of the world and then we get to see the beautiful world through his eyes? That should have happened here. I wanna see Earth in their universe, NOT Amy’s ass (Too young). Well, what can I say that isn’t criticism about this show? The action scene with the battle against the Hideauze was great. We get action right off the bat and it was awesome with all the lasers flying around and how the humans actually had a plan with a formation to go with it. Compare this to Gundam where it seems like it’s always a bunch of peons floating around, shooting without aim until the big hero Gundam comes flying out of its launch hangar and starts killing everybody until a rival Gundam shows up. In here. The army actually acted like an army and they stuck close together, covered each other and adjusted their formations according to the situation. I’m kind of worried though, that with Ledo in another planet, and with little focus given to Avalon in the first place, that we might not be getting any epic space battles any time soon. Another good thing would be the design of, well, everything. The mechs look awesome and plausible. They don’t have ridiculous V horns or decorative metal wings. They’re compact and functional while still being impressive, kinda like the Iron Man suits. The characters look fine too. Ledo’s lean body, gray hair and serious face really give off the no-nonsense soldier vibes for him. Meanwhile, Amy is bubbly and energetic and that reflects in her design too. Her clothes are colorful and her eyes are big and expressive and she wears the brightest smile on her face. Special mention goes to Bellows, the red-haired bombshell Amy was talking to while she was checking out Ledo’s mech. There’s a certain kind of sex appeal coming from her even if she hasn’t done much so far. Lastly, I’ll have to praise the dialogue here. It was coherent and how characters spoke with their choice of words and their accents really made it easy to read into the character. Commander Kugel came off as a dutiful and respectable guy even if he only lasted about five minutes. Why? It was because of how he communicated with the people around him. Also, I have to admit that I laughed at the part with Chamber reporting that Amy was swearing about Ledo’s mom while he was kidnapping her. Some unexpected comedy right here but it was effective. I hope the writing uses the language barrier between Ledo and the others to do some more creative stuff such as that. Well, that’s it for now. As usual, I’m linking to the Facebook page in case you wanna be updated with blogitty stuff.

4 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 1 – Beamspam and Bubblesplosions

  1. nyaataku

    Ah it is released already??! O.O I need to check the website more frequently!
    XD Loved the way you posted the series. Couldn’t help but laugh with your creative way of writing!

    1. agr0n

      Ikr that’s one reason I follow this blog instead of all the other anime blogs out there.

      It would have been cool to see earth through his eyes, but probably the scariest part of this episode was when we heard that after working for 146,000 hours Ledo had the chance for a 4 week vacation; damn talk about overtime!

      Is it just me or did the blossom sail look allot like the flower thing from Gundam 00: Awakening from the Trailblaizer?

      1. nyaataku

        🙂 Glad to see we both love the same blogger!

        Ahahaha, yes exactly! How does one person work that much…wonder if he gets paid…he’d be mindblowingly rich by now. Well, I guess that explains the Mecha gear?? 😛

        Nope, I thought the same thing! :O I don’t know if it’s because of maybe it’s indicating a spoof or if it’s just a mere coincidence??

  2. Sera Non

    I don’t think you were supposed to get emotional about Kugel’s death, it’s just there to show the kind of world that Ledo comes from – where lives are sacrificed en masse to balance out the cruel math of an endless war.


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