Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride 1 – Feels Like Senran Kagura, Only Better

It doesn’t help that there’s a rival team with equally hot girls and one girl wears her shirt open like Katsuragi.


D’Artagnan and a unit of soldiers confront a mysterious group of girls in a graveyard.

Muneakira returns to the dojo after a long journey. Matabei is the first to greet him. Muneakira comments how maid cafes have been popular recently to which Matabei just responds awkwardly.

It turns out that his dojo has been turned into a maid cafe.

Yukimura reveals that it was her idea to make some money. Jubei comes out and, unsurprisingly, is pleasantly surprised to see Muneakira.

Yukimura shows that they’ve been suffering from an economic recession and if they can’t make a profit, they’ll have to sell off the dojo.

Muneakira asks about the reward money they should have received from defeating Amakusa. It turns out, Senhime’s brother got all the credit for Amakusa’s defeat.

Senhime and Yukimura show Muneakira their secret weapon: OVERPRICED OMELETTE RICE (with love)!!!

Meanwhile, Kanetsugu is out spreading posters about the maid cafe in a graveyard.

She runs into the mysterious group of girls.

The girls decide to visit the place since Kanetsugu told them that it was the Yagyuu Dojou but all they find is the maid cafe.

They are greeted by the most wonderful sight one can find in a maid cafe.

Jubei and Matabei do a little dance to add some love to their Omurice.

The pink haired girl named Musashi interrupts them as if she was annoyed but…She just wanted to join in.

The girls ask where they can find Yagyuu Jubei and Jubei enthusiastically introduces herself.

There is a sudden tension when the girls say they want to defeat Jubei. Muneakira tells them to take it outside.

Kanetsugu returns. Pissed at everyone leaving her behind, she attacks the enemy girls but is quickly defeated.

Hanzou! What does the scouter say about their power levels? IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!!!

Jubei tries to go Master Samurai mode but it doesn’t work. Badass Jubei must have really disappeared in the final battle.

The enemy girls introduce themselves as the Dark Samurai while easily defeating Yukimura and Senhime in their Master Samurai form.

The one named Inshun casts a seal on Muneakira’s hands.

Musashi tells them that the seal will prevent Muneakira from wielding a sword and warns them that they have one month to bring Yagyuu Jubei.

Muneakira tries lifting a sword but fails. The useless main character just became more useless.

Despite everything that happened the day before. Musashi returns to the maid cafe to the Omurice dance with Jubei.


It really does feel like Senran Kagura all over again. We have our heroes who are a group of girls and one guy BUT, and I mean a nice Matabei-shaped BUT, I do feel that Hyaka Ryouran is handling this better. We get a confrontation between the two sides on the first episode. It took a while before Senran Kagura had all their girls fighting at the same time. What’s more, despite all the fanservicey antics going on just a few minutes before the confrontation, I actually took their fight seriously. The music was intense, the girls were all serious, plus it helps that they don’t get stripped down to their bikinis when they’re defeated. I guess that’s what Hyakka Ryouran has always had which Senran Kagura did not, a sense of aesthetics. While the girls here are also cutesy and sexy, the visual style that mimicks traditional painting adds a bit of coolness to this show. The random ink blots and brush strokes put this show over other generic ecchi shows. It even had this in its first season. Speaking of firsts, this did not feel like a first episode at all. Sure, each girl had their solo line but none of them were actually introduced to the viewer. Who is this pantsless lady baring her ass for all to see? Who’s this loli with a giant forehead? Wait. Yagyuu Jubei? The legendary samurai? A first time watcher of Hyakka Ryouran would probably be a little confused as to what’s going on. However, for those that watched and enjoyed the first season of Hyakka Ryouran like me, this episode becomes instantly enjoyable and hopefully the rest of the season as well.


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