Red Data Girl 1 – The Hair is the Final Boss, Isn’t It?

I’m sure of it…


Even Izumiko’s driver noticed that she cut her bangs. She explains that it’s so she would fit in Sototsugawa the boarding school she wants to enroll in. Nonomura, her driver, comments that it might worry some people as her hair is the source of her spiritual energy.

Izumiko spends most of the day with her two friends. They hang out in the gym while some boys are playing volleyball. Izumiko gets hit in the head by a stray ball.

The boys just make fun of her for being slow and her new hair. Izumiko’s friends get up to demand an apology. A boy named Wamiya in the class picks up the ball and tells her that her hair is fine.

Some time after, Izumiko’s homeroom teacher brings the class to the computer room to do some research for their field trip. Izumiko gets her friend Harucchi to do the browsing for her since she’s terrible with computers, which she gets criticized for by another classmate.

Izumiko sees Wamiya working independently and decides that she should also work by herself.

Her vision gets distorted somehow and she ends up in a video chat with her dad in America and Steve Jobs(?).

Izumiko and her dad discuss things like which highschool she’s going to since her dad wants her to study in Tokyo while Izumiko defiantly tells him that she’ll stay in town and study in Sototsugawa. The topic shifts to her mom, who should also be abroad, and then to her new haircut.

Izumiko worries that her uncontrollable powers will cause trouble if she uses the computer any longer. Unfortunately, before she could do anything about it, the power goes off and she started crying knowing she was somehow responsible for it.

Izumiko unexpectedly gets visited by her legal guardian Sagara who has come to pick her up. Izumiko’s teacher initially doubts Sagara as a legal guardian due to his youthful appearance. Sagara reveals that he’s actually in his mid-thirties and he has a son.

He takes Izumiko and they go to a hospital by helicopter to get her checked up. Sagara talks to Izumiko about going to highschool and tells her that her happiness is his main priority so she’s going to study in Sototsugawa and Sagara’s going to bring in “reinforcements” as well.

Oneday, Izumiko spots an uniformed boy outside her shrine.

That boy tunrs out to be Sagara’s son, Miyuki, who was the reinforcements Sagara was referring to. Sagara doesn’t hold back and bluntly criticizes Izumiko’s sheepish appearance.

Izumiko’s keeper Sawa (Not the girl from Tari Tari, unfortunately) brings the two men in as guests. Izumiko observes the tension between father and son as Miyuki openly expresses his discontent for being forced into becoming the Himegami, Izumiko’s servant. Something Izumiko learns about for the first time.

Miyuki gets frustrated enough to leave the house on his own.

Sagara chases after him while Izumiko talks about what she just heard with her grandpa and Sawa.

Sagara and Miyuki return. Miyuki looks badly injured but says he just fell off a cliff while walking around the mountain side. He then apologizes and swears to shoulder the responsibility given to him as Izumiko’s servant.

Izumiko runs into Miyuki late at night. He’s finding it hard to move with his injuries.

Miyuki tells Izumiko that Sagara isn’t the man everyone thinks he is and that he hates people like Izumiko, people who simply have everything they want done for them.

Izumiko suddenly remembers meeting Miyuki when they were both toddlers. Miyuki was bullying Izumiko for crying over something simple.

Miyuki enrolls in the same class as Izumiko the next day and makes it instantly known that he will be looking out for Izumiko.


This, I think, is a good start for what I’d believe to be a strong plot and character driven anime. As usual, P.A. Works does a great job in animation. The visuals are as smooth and sharp as always with the scenes actually looking like they were shot on camera with how it was presented.The character designs look a lot like the ones in Another and Tari Tari so this is unmistakably a P.A. Works show. The music, so far, hasn’t really stood out to me though it does do a good job in complimenting the generally downcast atmosphere of the show. I may be in the minority here but I’m liking the character portrayal. Nobody in this anime seems to be perfectly likeable. Everyone seems to have something about them that will make you cautious in how you read into their characters. For example, the main character Izumiko is timid and weak and you would either sympathize for her or hate her for being pathetic, but she does show signs of wanting to improve herself. Her cutting of her bangs is supposed to be the first step towards becoming an independent person according to her. Then there’s Sagara and Miyuki. Sagara seemed cool with how he handled Izumiko, being a parental figure and understanding why she wants to stay in town instead of moving to Tokyo, but then came Miyuki’s warning about him. I look at him and his injuries, then I remember that it was Sagara who chased him and that Miyuki then apologized in such a formal manner. Suddenly, Sagara isn’t such a great guy anymore since I’m thinking he brutalized Miyuki to get him to return and apologize. Miyuki is an obvious asshole towards Izumiko, but when I think about his situation, being forced to serve this spoiled little girl, I realize he has adequate reason to be angry. Overall, good writing for the first episode, though the bullying might have been overdone. Everyone seemed so unnecessarily mean to Izumiko. Well, P.A. Works seems to have started this anime right by setting the greyish mood and the complex characters. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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5 thoughts on “Red Data Girl 1 – The Hair is the Final Boss, Isn’t It?

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      I’m following the TV broadcast schedule since I’m not liking the video quality on the Nico Nico stream too much. Also so that I can go along with the anime in the same pace with all the others airing this week.

      1. agr0n

        I watch on gogoanime I don’t even know what Nico Nico stream is. I have a quest ion how do you get your screenshots without those annoying insignia on it? Like every screenshot I take has a stupid anime44 or animetv at the top left corner >.>

      2. giuvigiuvio Post author

        There are videos of the original unsubtitled broadcast out there. Or you could DL from torrent sites and just turn subtitles off from your video player.

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