Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 12 – Nothing Makes Sense (FInal Episode)

The eye beams. What. I don’t even…


Jou executes her plan against Sasami.

Tama gets surrounded by masked people.

Tama is drugged and Sasami also feels its effect and gets knocked out.

Meanwhile, Tsurugi and Kamiomi discover that the spiritual landmarks in the island have been destroyed.

Tamamo-no-Mae, who was also the golem from the flashback arc, defeats Kagami using the blades used to defeat the Fire God which was Kagami’s past incarnation.

Tama wakes up. Jou devours Tama as part of the ritual to revive Kuzuryu and dispose of the current gods.

Jou rips Tama’s heart out for extra effect.

She then burns the entire island with her new power.

Sasami regains consciousness. Tamamo-no-Mae appears before her proposing to have her join the Arahabaki cult as a priestess.

Sasami pretends to surrender but actually tricked them all. Kagami reveals that Tamamo-no-Mae didn’t actually defeat her and Kagami proceeds to take over the golem.

Kagami recovers her original body.

Kagami fires her eye laser beam which turns everything back to normal and reveals Sasami’s house right next to them.

Meanwhile, Tsurugi summons Susanoo to deal with Kuzuryu.

Susanoo lets out a powerful energy beam which cuts the dragon god into pieces.

Sasami falls into the water with Jou and saves her.

They both get washed up on shore where they promise to be friends until Jou has to kill Sasami.


This episode just left me confused, but entertained. That pretty much sums up Sasami-san as a whole. Let’s see…Susanoo wasn’t even name-dropped. I just assume that was Susanoo. They decided to explain the mystery of Jou’s penis at the start and then never touch it (as in not discuss about. Not actually touch Jou’s penis) again. Tama getting devoured was bloody (no pun intended) epic. It would have been great if it had made sense. Frankly, they didn’t go into much detail as to what Jou was doing, why and how she’s doing it. I’m actually still confused. Was she Arahabaki or did she summon Arahabaki? What exactly is Tsurugi trying to find out about Kamiomi and why the hell is Juju punishing poor Micchan for something her husband did? This felt more like a huge cliffhanger than a finale. It caused more questions to be asked instead of answering them.

Like I said, Sasami-san is confusing but entertaining. Let’s start with the good part, being entertaining. Sasami-san is a very stylish anime from it’s visuals to it’s music. It borrows a lot from popular SHAFT anime such as Madoka and the Bakemonogatari series. Both really stand out and can’t possible be accused of being generic looking by anyone who has actually watched that. The same goes for Sasami-san. It has this cute water color style in Sasami’s room, which is featured a lot and the anime incorporates a lot of lens flare and lighting effects which normal anime don’t usually use. It also contains some really great action sequences with Kagami (Schoolgirl Ironman) and the use of mystic arts. The music is perhaps one of the show’s most unique traits. The tracks can vary from upbeat pop, intense electronic music, smooth jazz to heart-breaking piano tracks. The opening theme is addicting while also a bit unfitting to the show’s style. It sounds like it should be the theme for Gundam Seed or something. The anime also has some pretty eccentric characters from the pervert older who talks like a comedian to the pervert loli who acts like she’s thirty and goes “Nishishishishishi!” when she laughs. Not a single character here could possible be deemed normal, except maybe Micchan if it wasn’t for her green hair. The anime is also heavy on references to Japanese mythology. This can be both a good and bad thing. Good if it interests you and bad if it just leaves you confused which is my main problem with Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. While every minute of this episode will have you’re attention but more often than not you’ll go “what” in about every other scene. This anime’s plot seems to made of multiple, barely related arcs.  I thought this was going to about Sasami learning to control her power, then the power turns out to be in Kamiomi, then Sasami’s mom shows up and it turns out that Amaterasu’s power was in Sasami all along. Then Sasami gets fat. It turns out, a golem was messing with history. Sasami teams up with her mom and Tsurugi to take on the golem who was actually part of a cult. The cult’s leader reveals herself then suddenly wants to be Sasami’s friend but then reverts to hating her again. Then they become friends again. The main antagonist literally doesn’t show up until 2/3 of the anime was done. That really is my only complaint about Sasami-san but it is a HUGE complaint. What is something that is impressive in every aspect except for its story? The Transformers movies. Critics hated those. I’m not saying I hated Sasami-san but I did feel the same way about this show as I did with Transformers. I was impressed by it but the story just left me dissatisfied. Had they had decent storytelling, they would have been great. Ah well. Would I recommend Sasami-san? Yes, but have a notepad nearby to take notes of all the Japanese mythology references and keep track of the plot. Or you could just outright ignore those and enjoy the show for its impressive production values and charming style.

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One thought on “Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 12 – Nothing Makes Sense (FInal Episode)

  1. agr0n

    How could Micchan be considered normal? She was a freaking sadist on whoever the heck that dude was.

    Yep this episode was confusing alright and it was even more confusing when the subs first came out, that subber (forgot his name) trolled everyone it make the already random-hard-to-understand Sasami-san@Ganbaranai screwy beyond comprehension.

    The 2 main things I don’t understand, from this episode, was that whole scene where Jou stuck an arm into her chest before eating Tama and that guy who killed the dragon. I’m guessing he was Tsurugi’s brother, possibly Sasami-san’s since we never saw his face (or heard his name) and maybe his hair goes red when it’s showing?

    The proper end song actually sounded good.

    My favorite aspects of this anime were probably the randomness, the brother, the art, and saying “Sasami-san” in the way her brother did.

    Last thing we never found out the whole brother deal. He’s Sasami-san’s brother, her mom’s brother, and Tsurugii’s brother? HUH?


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